Monday, 26 June 2017

The Hotel Part - 3

Giovanni Zola was practically royalty in the hotel. He could do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted to whomever he wanted. On the politician’s arrival to the bar, he demanded that Grace, the young redhead receptionist clear the area of anyone he didn’t like. Mostly it was males.
He was late in his years, celebrating his seventy third birthday in the hotel. Though he may have been old, some handsome features survived. He had taken to living more luxuriously, knowing that his time was limited.
He seated himself in a booth accompanied by his stern faced body guard who never leaves his side. She was armed, three guns, one on her leg, one on her hip and on in a holster under her blouse. His daughter was not present though he was assured she was safe in the hotel. He was aware of its underground services. Also seated beside him to his left, was a young eighteen year old girl he recently purchased from the hotel. He had no idea where she came from, though he knew she wasn’t a guest. She was a petite slender brunette who came well trained and in fresh condition. She knew her place, what she was; his slave. 
She sucked his cock while he drank his whiskey.
‘Will that be all Sir?’ Grace asked.
He shook his head. ‘Take off your clothes and get on the table.’
‘Excuse me Sir?’ she said, sweating.
‘I said, take off your clothes and get on the table.’
‘I’m sorry Sir, I can’t do that. There are women who can do that…’
‘I’m not interested in other women. I want to see your cunt. So get it out.’
‘If I ask again, you’ll regret it.’
Fearing a repeat of that morning, she slipped out of her clothes and climbed onto the table before him.
‘Spread your legs,’ he said.
The table felt cold on bare bottom but it was also quite soothing to the lingering sting. Slowly, she parted her thighs and exposed herself to him and his companion.
‘Voila!’ he said. ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’
His guard nodded. He placed his drink on the table and stroked her furry red stripe.
‘Sir, I…’
He shushed her.  ‘Slave,’ he said.
Sandy stopped sucking his cock and looked up at him. ‘Kiss her.’
She raised her body and sat on his knee. She reached a hand up to touch Grace’s face and then kissed her. Grace was hesitant.
‘Not there,’ he said.
She turned to him. He pointed at the table girl’s pussy.
She hesitated and then shuffled towards her; she buried her face in her fiery snatch. Grace gasped.
His cock hung firm neglected and hard.  Realising he didn’t have much option, he grabbed his bodyguard by the head and forced her down, she resisted but eventually he felt her lips and around his cock.
She gave great head. It was why he hired her. Sure she was experienced and qualified but Giovanni would always feel safer if he was protected by a man. When he informed her she was unsuccessful she dropped to her knees and sucked him like he’d never been sucked before. How could he not hire her then? Keeping her around as a pretend bodyguard was worth it when he got to feel that beautiful mouth go to work whenever he felt like it.
He tilted his head back and relaxed, enjoying his bodyguards determination, occasionally glancing down to see his slave was doing as she was told. The little redhead was moaning constantly, in both ways, insistent that she needed to leave, but feeling the pleasure.
A drunken woman at the bar ruined his ambience.
‘Hey…fucking…bar maid,’ she slurred. ‘Bring me a fucking drink…DRINK!’
The drunken brunette was sat on a stool just in front of him at the bar. As she leaned over the bar to look for someone to pour her a drink she clearly didn’t need, he could see up her beautiful gown. She was bare. She slammed her glass down on the bar. ‘Hello?’ She cried. ‘Drink!’
Giovanni was old and old fashioned. The very presence of the unescorted drunken woman offended him but her shameful behaviour enraged him. Without a word he stood up, surprising his bodyguard who was relieved to feel his cock flop out of her mouth.
He pulled down his trousers, and stormed up behind the woman at the bar.
‘Is any of you fuckers here?’ The middle aged woman yelled.
He raised her skirt slightly but she was too drunk to notice she was exposed.
Without a moment’s hesitation he pushed his cock into her butt with anger.
She gasped.
‘Oh my.’
It was clear that it was not her first time but with only the lube of his bodyguards spit it still took a little effort to get his entire cock up her. Once his stomach pressed against her butt he wasted no time in developing a rhythm sliding his cock back and forth inside her. She pushed back against him and placed her hand on the back of his head. The stool rocked quietly on the floor as he thrust into her, picking up the pace.
He grasped both cheeks of her butt in his hands and slammed his cock into her, gaining speed and momentum. His thighs slapped against her butt and her asshole offered no resistance anymore.
‘Slut,’ he shouted. He slapped her right cheek. She moaned softly. ‘Drunken, tramp, slut.’
She glanced back over her shoulder and felt his cold stern eyes piercing her. He grabbed her by the head and turned it forward forcefully.
‘Don’t look at me you whore.’
Yes…sir,’ she moaned.
He slapped her butt repeatedly as he destroyed her butt. By the time it was pink he was ready, and came inside her. He squeezed every drop into her ass and pulled out, leaving her hole gaping and dripping. She collapsed forward onto the bar, he slapped her bare pink ass once more and then returned his table. His bodyguard resisted again but found her lips back around his cock.

‘Make sure that woman is in my room tonight,’ he demanded.

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