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Fiction - Fantasy Land - 90210 Chronicles

Fantasy Land
Part 1
Annalynne rolled furiously on her bed in frustration. Who the hell was making so much noise at this time? She punched the bed repeatedly and rolled onto her side to double check the time, it was 06:05. It was bad enough being woken up at this time any morning but Annalynne had a massive hangover today and she wasn’t happy at all. She tried to drown out the various noises of clattering plates and other sounds she couldn’t recognise by covering her head with a pillow. It somewhat worked, she managed to get back to sleep.
Annalynne was woken again an hour later, but this time, someone had entered her room.
‘Annalynne, it’s time to get up.’ A voice called. Annalynne was dazed; she didn’t know what was going on.
‘Go away!’ She shouted from beneath her pillow.
‘No Annalynne, it’s time to get up for school.’

Annalynne was confused, she thought she was dreaming. She sat up and rubbed her eyes trying to fix her vision, until she could see Lori Loughlin, another actress from 90210 standing in her doorway wearing a yellow summer frock. The light from the hallway and her bright dress nearly blinded Annalynne in her fragile state.
 ‘Lori, what the fuck are you doing?’ Annalynne complained before collapsing on the bed once more.
‘I’m trying to get you up for school Anne; it’s your first day today.’ Lori stated once more and then ripped the sheets off her, throwing them onto the floor. Annalynne shivered slightly but she was still covered by her pink Pyjamas.
‘I’m in no mood for your jokes today Lori, I’m very hungover.’
‘Have you been drinking Annalynne?’
‘Oh my God Lori, you know I have, will you just leave me alone.’
‘It’s time to get up for school Annalynne and my name is Mrs Loughlin.’
‘Fuck off Mrs Loughlin.’ Annalynne screamed, throwing her pillow at her, hitting Lori in the face. Lori, rolling up her proverbial sleeves marched into her room to the side of the bed to an oblivious Annalynne. Lori quickly bent down and placed her hands on either side of Annalynne’s waist, but before she could complain lifted her into the air spinning her round as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Annalynne landed with a thump over Lori’s knee.
‘What the fuck!’ Annalynne roared, she had no idea what was happening to her, she felt her right arm pinned to her back, her left arm was stuck under stomach, she couldn’t move it. She felt Lori’s leg on the back of her calves, pinning them down unable to move, her belly was rested over Lori’s left knee. Then it happened, she felt a breeze on her butt, Lori had pulled her pyjama bottoms down, it hit her, Lori was about to give her a spanking, she wriggled violently.
‘Don’t you fucking dare!’ Annalynne screamed, trying to move but she was out muscled. ‘Help! Help!’ She screamed instead trying to catch the attention of one of her friends.
‘It’s that foul language that’s gotten you into this situation young lady.’
Annalynne was about to argue but she heard a whooshing noise and then a loud SMACK.
‘OW!’ Yelped Annalynne, feeling an unbearable stinging feeling on her bottom.
‘OW!’ Another had landed, stinging more than the first. Then, they rained down.
‘Oh my God!’ Annalynne cried out, her bottom was on fire. ‘Lori stop! Please!’
Lori did stop, for a moment.
‘I’ve told you, it’s Mrs Loughlin.’ She yelled.
‘Ok! Ow! Ok! Ow! Ow!’ Annalynne yelped. ‘I’ll call you what, Ow! You, Ow! Want, Ow! Just, Ow! Stop hitting my ass!’
‘Not until you’ve learnt your lesson.’ Lori shouted over the sound of her hand smacking against Annalynne’s lightly pink bottom.
‘Oh God!’ Annalynne screamed, tears forming in her eyes. Her bottom stung like mad, she wriggled it after every smack trying to dodge her hand but without being able to move much or look where she was aiming. It was helpless. ‘Stop, just stop!’
Annalynne stopped moving, she just lay there, crying, allowing Lori to smack her bottom. Lori stopped too. She looked down at Annalynne’s red butt and smiled at how wet she was, then picking her up by the waist she then pushed her onto the bed. She looked at the clock.
‘It’s 07:15 Annalynne, you have to be in school for 08:00.’ Lori stated walking to the doorway and grabbing some clothes from outside, she hung them up on her wardrobe handle. ‘I expect you showered, dressed and down for breakfast at 7:30 is that clear?’
Annalynne didn’t move, she just laid flat down on her bed holding her red bottom.
‘I said is that clear?’ Lori yelled, walking towards her hand in the air.
‘Yes, Yes!’ Annalynne cried, shuffling up the bed shielding her bottom away from her.
‘Yes what?’ Lori demanded sternly, arms folded.
‘I, I...don’t know what you want!’ Annalynne shouted, crying worried that she would get another spanking.
‘I’ve told you to call me Mrs Loughlin.’
‘Yes Mrs Loughlin!’ Annalynne sobbed, she watched Lori leave before cursing.
‘Fucking bitch!’ she whispered. She got out of bed, and rushed towards her wardrobe mirror and spun round showing her ass, it was bright red, she touched it with the tip of her index finger, and it stung like mad. She felt again with a few more fingers and winced and cursed at how warm it felt. Then she noticed, hanging on wardrobe door adjacent to the mirrored one, the uniform hanging down. The plaid skirt and the white shirt, it was a school uniform, what the hell was going on?
Annalynne had lived in this house for nearly a year now, she lived in what was once known as Los Angeles, but after the manplague it wasn’t really anything. Except for where they lived. They lived in a huge area of land completely walled off from the world. It was about fifteen kilometres in diameter; it had many buildings within it, a lake, and contained a part of the beach and sea. The walls were so high that they were impossible to climb; it had one entrance a large heavily enforced gate. Annalynne had been brought here when she was rescued along with Shenae another friend from her hit TV series show 90210.
They were hidden in Shenae’s bedroom, hiding in the wardrobe; marauding men were ransacking the house looking for anything or anyone. Shenae had been crying because all they could hear was the sound of her mum and sister screaming, it was horrible. But then out of nowhere, a man rushed in attacking all the invaders, killing most of them, driving some of them away, grabbed them both out of the cupboard and ran straight to a vehicle he had parked outside, at first they had fought him but once he threw them inside they were reunited with other friends from the set and people they recognised who lived close to them. Shenae screamed at him to go back and get her mum and sister but the man said when he did, there were hundreds of them and they all would have died, she was devastated. They all were.
When they first got to this place, they were all really depressed and angry. But as the months went on, they started to enjoy it slightly, relaxing by the pool all day, drinking with friends. It was actually turning into bliss. Annalynne had been at a party last night with two hundred women, some of which were talented singers such as Rihanna, Britney Spears and Katy Perry. But now, Annalynne found herself in her room with a sore bottom and a school uniform in front of her, this couldn’t be good.
Annalynne looked at the time, it was 07:17, she stepped over to the far side of the room taking off her pyjama top, and her bottoms had already been removed by Lori. Bitch. She stepped into her shower cubicle, and turned on the shower, as the water trickled its way to her bottom, she yelped and squirmed on the spot, cursing. She stepped back and her sore bottom touched the shower wall and she cursed again, she quickly turned the temperature down to cold, but the rest of her body was freezing, she put her hands over her breasts, her nipples were rock hard as she stood shivering. She spun round and aimed the shower head at her bottom and closed her eyes, it felt wonderful.
She left it like that for a couple of minutes until she remembered she didn’t have very long, she quickly washed her hair and body under a warmer temperature while bearing the sting of her bottom then stepped out of the shower.
Drying herself quickly, she noticed it was 07:21 and so moved to her nightstand to dry her hair. She wrapped the towel around her body covering her breasts and sat down.
‘OW!’ She screamed, as felt her bottom press against the chair. She stood back up instantly. She remained standing as she blow dried her hair and brushed it.

She saw that it was 07:26, and quickly put on her uniform, after she did the second to last button up on her shirt she was done and it was 07:29, she thought she’d better hurry.
Stepping out into the hallway, she heard a feint noise that sounded like screaming coming from Gillian’s room, she pressed her ear to the door and heard them clearer, she was swearing. She also heard a distinct slapping noise and realised immediately that she was being spanked like Annalynne had. She didn’t have time to listen, although she would have as she didn’t like Gillian. Walking on, she looked into Jessica Lowndes and Shenae’s room but they were empty, then she reached Jessica Stroup’s. The door was open slightly, and as she drew closer she heard louder and louder the now very familiar sound of a spanking. She reached the door and to Annalynne’s horror, Jess was being spanked, but not by Lori, by Jennie Garth. So Jen was in on it too!

Annalynne paused for a moment and watched awestruck as Jess wriggled on Jen’s lap as she smacked her very red bottom.
‘Annalynne!’ Anne nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard a voice call from downstairs. ‘If I have to come up and get you I’ll make sure your bottom stays red for the rest of the day.’
Annalynne practically ran down the stairs.
‘I’m here, I’m here!’
She was slightly startled as she entered the kitchen and saw Jessica and Shenae stood at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of cereal also dressed in uniform. They both looked as equally hungover and bemused as she did. Jessica was wearing the same uniform as Annalynne, but Shenae’s was different, she wore a pink shirt instead of white.
‘Here’s your cereal sweetie.’ Lori announced stepping out from the kitchen. Annalynne was lost for words.
She walked to the counter and placed the bowl upon it, having no intention to sit she pushed the stool to the side and stood at the counter. She looked to her right and saw that both girls had also neglected to use their stools; she took this to mean that they had also been spanked.
She looked down at her cereal, but didn’t really feel hungry; she was too hungover and humiliated to eat. She pushed it aside and watched Lori washing up in front of her, with her back to the girls. She tapped Shenae on the shoulder who looked at her, Annalynne then circled her finger at the side of her head and mouthed ‘crazy bitch’ with her eyes as wide as she could. Shenae nodded frantically and pointed to her bottom, bending her knees and closing her eyes. Annalynne silently nodded and looked at Jess who nodded, with eyes that screamed ‘what the fuck?’
One of them needed to say something, but they were scared that they would be spanked again. Suddenly, Annalynne realised that there was three of them and only one of her, she tried to motion it to the others but Lori turned around.
‘Eat your cereal Annalynne.’
‘I’m not hungry.’
‘Do you want me to spoon feed it you Annalynne?’ Lori asked picking up her spoon at the other side of the counter and holding it up, Annalynne stepped backwards.
‘No, Lori…’
‘Mrs Loughlin.’
‘Fine, no Mrs Loughlin, I’m not hungry, I’m very hungover and annoyed.’
‘Eat your cereal Annalynne, or you won’t be allowed out after school.’
‘Are you serious?’
The other girls watched in stunned silence at the argument that was transpiring, neither wanting to step in, but both rooting for Annalynne. When it seemed as though the tenseness of the situation was going to cause Annalynne to do something, Jennie walked in.
‘Morning girls,’ said Jennie as she walked into Lori’s half of the kitchen and turned on the kettle.
No one responded.
‘Cheery bunch aren’t they?’ Jennie asked Lori, drying the plates she had just washed.
‘Well they’ve been rather naughty this morning.’ Lori explained. Annalynne’s jaw dropped to the floor.
‘Oh I see, Gillian and Jessica have been a bit on the naughty side too, Jessica’s in danger of being late for her first day of school.’
‘We’re ok I think,’ Lori checked glancing at the clock, it was 7:40, ‘got a good ten minutes before we need to set off.’
Jen nodded in acknowledgment as she poured herself a coffee.
‘If I’m being forced to go to school, can I at least have a coffee to wake me up?’ Annalynne asked bitterly.
‘My word, you’ve got your handful with that one haven’t you?’ Jennie laughed, as she moved into the living room with her coffee and turned on the television.
‘No you cannot.’ Lori replied sternly, ‘you’ve behaved badly enough today as it is, I don’t need any more cheek out of you. Now if you’re not going to eat your cereal like a good girl, then go upstairs and brush your teeth.’
Annalynne couldn’t believe her ears.
‘Now!’ Lori shouted.
Jess and Shenae moved immediately and walked upstairs, Annalynne hesitated for a moment, but when Lori motioned to come around to her side with intent to spank she thought better of it and ran upstairs.
‘Oh my God’ Annalynne whispered walking into the bathroom; the other two girls were brushing their teeth in front of the mirror. Annalynne grabbed her brush.
‘I know!’ Jessica replied removing her brush for a second, then spitting into the sink. ‘What’s happening?’
‘My butt is so sore.’ Shenae complained.
‘I can’t believe she spanked us, Lori did it?’ Annalynne asked.
‘Yeah.’ Shenae and Jessica both responded.
‘Did you see Stroup getting spanked?’
‘No.’ they simultaneously responded again.
‘I did, Jennie was spanking her like she did us, her door was open, I wonder why they’re not with us.’
‘I don’t know, but we’ve got to tell get out of here, this is insane.’ Jess replied.
‘I wonder if he knows what’s going.’ Shenae pondered.
‘He’s not here, he’s away, he won’t be back for two months, besides he’s not in power any more is he.’
They had finished brushing their teeth and were stood whispering still in the bathroom when a voice called.
‘Right girls, it’s time to go.’ Lori shouted from the bottom of the stairs.
Reluctantly, one after the other they marched downstairs and out of the door Lori held open. As they stepped into the street they were even more surprised to see groups of girls walking in the same direction, coming from all over. Lori grabbed her right hand as they stepped out of the gate, Annalynne saw she had hold of Shenae’s and Jessica held Shenae’s other hand and they began walking in a line up the street. But so was everyone else. Just ahead of her walking was a girl she recognised as Katie Cassidy, she was holding hands with an older woman whom she didn’t know either, but younger girls surrounded her.
In silence, they walked down together to the school, as they drew nearer they could see the older women walking away on their own from the school up ahead and there were groups of girls scattered around in the old playground. Eventually they reached it, and Lori stopped.
‘Right, I’m going to work; don’t get into any mischief any of you. I’ll be back to pick you up at three o’clock.’
No one responded, but gladly walked away from her into the playground. After a few minutes of standing around gossiping with other girls in pure amazement, a whistle was blown. Everyone was quiet. Annalynne recognised her immediately, it was Liz Hurley.
‘All girls aged twenty two you are to form an orderly queue at the furthest door where Mrs Liu, Mrs Zellweger and Mrs Zeta-Jones are stood.’ Liz announced, but nobody moved. ‘Now!’ Liz yelled, the girls eventually started to queue up at the appropriate door.
‘Thank you.’ Liz sighed, annoyed. ‘All girls aged twenty three; you must go to the next door down where Mrs Britton, Mrs Judd and Mrs Lindemulder are standing. Go now, thank you.’
The girls moved, including Shenae who reluctantly left Annalynne and Jessica.
‘All girls aged twenty four; please queue up at the next door down where you will find Mrs Berry, Mrs Hayek and Mrs Leoni.’
Annalynne was sad to see Jessica leave her side; she looked around and caught sight of various other girls who must be her age as there was only one door left.
‘Finally, all the girls aged twenty five please queue at the final door on the end where you will find Mrs Kidman, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Moss. Thank you.’ Liz announced before heading through the twenty five year olds door, out of sight.
Annalynne headed into the queue, she was stood behind Hilary Duff, and she looked behind her and saw Blake. Neither said a word to the other. The line started to move, as they entered the building they moved into a large hall where they waited for a minute until everyone was inside, Mrs Moss began reading a list of names, none of which contained Annalynne’s, at the end she instructed them to follow her into what was obviously a classroom at the back left of the hall. As the door closed Annalynne read on the door ‘4M’ and considered what it might mean but then heard her name called by Nicole Kidman, when she was finished, Annalynne along with a selected few walked into a classroom at the far right of the hall. As she walked through the doorway Annalynne saw the door bore the name ‘4K’ she understood K must mean Kidman, and considered that 4 might mean the year she was in, Shenae being in 2 and Jess being in 3.
Some of the girls had taken the initiative of moving to sit down, but when Nicole shut the door she instructed them to stand. Over the next few minutes according to a piece of paper in front of her, Nicole sat the girls down where she wanted them, Annalynne found herself between Ellen Page and Blake at the front of the class.
There was a lot of wincing and cursing as the girls sat themselves down on their elected chairs, Annalynne found herself leaning to one side on a patch of her bottom she had found to be less painful. But as Nicole was walking past she grabbed her by the shoulders and placed her correctly in her chair, much to Annalynne’s bemusement. She motioned to complain, but Nicole quickly held up her hand as she stood in front of her small desk.
‘Don’t.’ She demanded. ‘I don’t want to have to spank you two minutes into your first day Annalynne.’ Nicole then walked to the front of the class and wrote her name on the whiteboard. Annalynne bit her lip and took her advice.
‘My name, as most of you will know is Mrs Kidman.’ Nicole began. ‘I imagine some of you will have a lot of questions for me, so in my lesson plan I have allowed for ten minutes where you can ask me whatever you want, provided you do so in a polite and respectful manner, before we begin with the lesson.
‘Now raise your hand if you have something you wish to ask.’
‘Yes, how about vot  the fuck’ Called a voice with a thick foreign accent at the back. Nicole looked quickly at her clipboard before responding.
‘Miss Sharapova, I’m going to let that slip, but if you swear in my classroom again you’ll find yourself on the other end of a spanking, is that clear?’
‘If you say so.’ Maria responded.
‘Now would you like to reword the question?’
Vot is going on? Vi am I dressed in this ridiculous American schoolgirl attire, ven I should be playing tennis viv Anna.’
‘You’re in that attire so that I and the other teachers at the school know what year you are in.’
‘Forget that Mrs Kidman.’ Annalynne blurted out.
‘Raise your hand Miss McCord.’ Nicole instructed calmly, as she leant back on her desk. ‘Yes dear?’
‘Why have you put us all in this school, why have you spanked everyone, why are you threatening to spank everyone, what the hell?’
The room was filled with loud murmurs of agreement with Annalynne’s questions, everyone was extremely angry.
‘We have placed you in school because we were failing to uphold the demands that were placed upon us when we women took power. The levels of drunkenness, noisiness, damages and people spending time in hospitals was getting out of hand and the council voted that it was time to implement change.’
This announcement met a hostile response from the class.
‘To answer your question of why we had spanked you, and why we are threatening to do so, is because we rightly predicted that this transition would be unwelcome by the younger generations and so we deemed it necessary to use force in order to get you to attend and to achieve.’
The girls’ hand shot up in the air, each desperate to speak.
‘I will answer one more question.’ Nicole stated. ‘Yes Miss Lively.’
‘What’s the point of school though, couldn’t you have just limited the hours that the bars were open?’
‘Well we’re sure that you would have found other ways to drink and cause a nuisance of yourself. We’re fed up this place looking like a dump. The point of school is that it was doubly necessary, you need to learn things, for example we need doctors and you need to find more productive things to do. Now that’s all the questions, it’s time for the lesson.’
The girls all spoke to each other, outraged.
‘Quiet now.’
They kept on talking.
‘Quiet!’ Nicole shouted, slapping a plastic ruler onto her desk, the room fell silent.
‘If you look inside your desks you will find a textbook…’

The lesson carried on for two hours and as the clock struck ten Mrs Kidman led the girls outside into the playground, before she herself departed. Annalynne wandered about, not bothering to talk to any of the girls in her class. She was wondering where Shenae and Jessica were. A few moments later she spotted Shenae being escorted outside with her mates through the very door she had entered, and then Jess too from her entrance. Annalynne beckoned them both towards her; they walked silently to the far corner of the playground.
‘We have got to get out of here!’ Annalynne started, she spoke relatively loudly for there were only two ‘teachers’ in sight and neither were anywhere near them, but standing together next to the building.
‘No kidding.’ Jess replied. ‘But how?’
‘Let’s just make a run for it.’ Annalynne suggested.
‘But where are we going to go?’ Shenae asked.
‘Anywhere!’ Annalynne cried.
‘But let’s say we make it out of here, what’s to say they won’t find us anyway?’ Shenae whispered, fearing being overheard.
‘We’ve got to try, we have to find somewhere we can hide, at least until he gets back.’ Annalynne looked around her, the grounds were highly fenced off, and the lowest point was gate at the entrance that the cars had to drive through before the manplague. It was at the opposite end of the playground to the women on watch, they might be able to sneak over it without being spotted.
‘Follow me.’ Annalynne instructed.
She walked slowly to the gate, trying to look inconspicuous, when she drew nearer; she noticed the building was further in front of the gate, so that if they touched it, they were out of sight. She waited for the Mrs Liu to turn around, when she finally did, they all rushed to the gate.
‘Quick!’ Annalynne pleaded.
She helped Shenae up being the smallest of the three girls; she climbed over and dropped to the other side. Annalynne then jumped over, and sat on top of the gate, one leg over. She turned to help Jess up who was struggling. They were being watched by everyone in the playground, she gestured for them to look away to avoid causing a scene, but it was too late, a whistle was blown and all the girls turned to face them. Mrs Liu and Mrs Britton came running over and pulled Jess down back into the playground, they tried grabbing at Annalynne but she hopped over the fence.
Grabbing Shenae be the arm, she began to run as fast as she could out of the grounds and into the street. She turned right out of the car park, and they ran uphill without any idea what their plan was. At the top of the hill feeling out of breath, Annalynne stopped and looked behind her, Mrs Liu was right behind them, no sign of Mrs Britton. Annalynne turned to carry on running.
Looking over her shoulder a few minutes later she saw Mrs Liu was only twenty feet or so away from her, she pulled Shenae towards a building on their right and they opened the front door and ran inside, locking the door behind them with the keychain that must have been there before when it was someone’s house. They turned around and were horror struck when they saw that in the living room sat four women; Annalynne recognised one to be Jennifer Aniston. She turned and ran upstairs with Shenae just behind her and they found the bathroom, locking themselves in. They stood for a moment, gasping for breath.
‘Oh crap.’ Shenae whispered. ‘What have we done?’
‘We haven’t done anything Shen, it’s them bitches.’ Annalynne panted. ‘Do you think we can climb out of the window?’
Shenae opened it by climbing onto the toilet, standing on her tip toes she peered out and turned back shaking her head.
‘It’s a long way down.’
‘Then we stay in here for as long as we can, my ass is still red from this morning.’
‘Girls, open this door immediately.’ Called a voice from outside the door.
‘No way!’ Annalynne immediately shouted back.
‘You can’t stay in there forever.’ That was Mrs Liu.
‘We can try.’ Annalynne shouted.
Shenae sat down on the toilet and put her head in her hands. Annalynne decided to sit down on the edge of the bath.
‘Annalynne, this is Mrs Liu speaking.’
She paused, perhaps waiting for a reply but she didn’t get one.
‘I’m going to assume this little escape plan was your idea, am I right?’
Neither girl responded.
‘Well I know I’m right because everyone knows Shenae wouldn’t have come up with this idea.’
‘So what?’ Annalynne shouted.
‘Well, I’m going to offer you a deal. If you both come out now, I will only give Annalynne a spanking because it was you’re idea and it’s only fair.’
‘What? No way!’ Annalynne shouted, Shenae looked at her a little disappointed.
‘What?’ She whispered. ‘Do you expect me to agree with that?’
‘No.’ Shenae replied, looking down. ‘I can’t ask you to do it, it wouldn’t be right.’
‘We’re starting to detach the handle as we speak, if you come out now and save having to dismantle this handle, then I will only spank you Annalynne, but if you don’t come out before we gain entry in five minutes then we’re going to tan you both, very, very hard.’
Annalynne stopped to think for a moment.
‘You have five seconds before the offer is off the table.’
Annalynne looked at Shenae with eyes wide open, not sure what to do.
Annalynne couldn’t think straight.
She panicked, holding her head in her hands.
‘Oh God, I don’t know.’ She whispered to Shenae, who was shaking.
‘Wait!’ Annalynne shouted. She took a deep breath and stood up. Then slowly walked to the door. She unlocked it. The door flung open. Outside there were several seriously pissed off women. Mrs Liu grabbed Annalynne by the ear and dragged her down the stairs.
‘Ow!’ Annalynne shouted, ‘That hurts!’
‘It’s about to get a whole lot worse for you young lady.’ Mrs Liu shouted, pulling her into the living room by the ear. She let go, and grabbed a wooden chair from the table in the corned and placed it in the centre of the room. Then she walked over to Annalynne who had already tried to run but was blocked in the exit by a woman she didn’t recognise. She looked into the face of the tall blonde woman and felt Mrs Liu’s hands on the waistband of her knickers; they were pulled to the floor.
‘No, stop it, get off me!’ She shrieked. The blonde held her arms up into the air, and Mrs Liu unbuttoned her white school shirt one by one before throwing it away, she then unclipped her bra, Annalynne wriggled trying to free herself of the blondes grip to cover her naked breasts, but she couldn’t. Then, her skirt was unclipped, and she was completely bare but for the white socks and pumps covering her feet. Mrs Liu grabbed her by the arm and dragged her kicking and screaming to the chair where she pulled her down over her knee and gave her the second spanking of the day.

Annalynne screamed as Mrs Liu smacked her sore bottom. She had a different technique to Lori, Lori’s were hard and every second. Mrs Liu’s weren’t as hard but were faster, she wasn’t sure which one she hated more, all she knew was that her bottom stung like made. Although the way the spanked her differed, they both pinned her down in a similar manner, arm pinned behind her back, leg covered by Mrs Liu’s.
‘Ow!’ Annalynne heard Shenae shout upstairs. ‘Get off me!’
‘What’s going on?’ Annalynne shouted over the sound of her ass being spanked.
‘She’s probably getting a spanking.’ Mrs Liu replied as she switched to Annalynne’s left cheek now that her right was bright pink.
‘What?’ Annalynne yelped, ‘You said you wouldn’t spank her!’
‘I’m not, I’m spanking you.’
‘I don’t understand, you promised you wouldn’t spank her!’
‘Yes. I never said anything about anyone else.’
‘You bitch!’ Annalynne screamed, with all her strength she broke through Mrs Liu’s grip and rolled onto the floor. Before she could move the tall blonde had her in her arms and knelt her on the ground with her chest on sofa, she held her down.
‘Thanks Lisa.’ Mrs Liu then bent behind Annalynne’s ass she knelt on all fours and continued to rapidly smack her bottom.
‘You bitches!’ Annalynne screamed, ‘you fucking lied to me!’
‘So what.’ Responded the blonde, who Annalynne didn’t recognise was Lisa Kudrow.
‘This was always going to happen, we just sped up the process. The funny thing is is that we didn’t even have any tools to dismantle the door, you could have been in there all night.’
‘Oh, you’re gonna pay for this!’ Annalynne roared.

‘I don’t think so.’ Mrs Liu laughed as she sat on top of her back lightly in order to get a better angle and deliver harder smacks to her bottom. Annalynne could do nothing but weep as she heard Shenae crying upstairs over the loud echoes of her bottom being smacked repeatedly.

Dirty After Spanking Fakes

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Dirty Spanking Fakes - TV

Megyn Price and Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement)

Lucy Lawless and Viva Bianca (Spartacus)

  Lisa Edelstein, Anne Dudek and Jennifer Morrison (House)

 Lisa Edelstein, Anne Dudek and Jennifer Morrison (House)

 Lisa Edelstein and Anne Dudek (House)

 Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison (House)

 Lisa Edelstein and Amber Tamblyn (House)

Gina Torres and Jewel Staite (Firefly)

Jennifer Aniston and Annelynne Mccord

 Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes and Jennie Garth

Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes and Jennie Garth

Lisa Edelstein Spanking Jennifer Morrison (House)

Friends - Jennifer Aniston spanking Reese Witherspoon 

The Big Bang Theory - Aarti Mann Spanking Kaley Cuoco

Suits - Sarah Rafferty Spanking Meghan Markle

 Homeland  - Morena Baccarin Spanking Morgana Saylor

 90210 - Jennie Garth Spanking Jessica Stroup

Scrubs - Courtney Cox Spanking Eliza Coupe

WWE - Mickie James Spanking Trish Stratus

 Claire Danes and Morgana Saylor (Homeland)

Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie (Community)

Stana Katic and Molly Quinn (Castle)

Jennifer Aniston and Christina Applegate (Friends)

Moira Kelly and Hillarie Burton (One Tree Hill)

Edie Falco and Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos)

Connie Britton and Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights)

Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland (Arrow)

Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster (Chuck)

Lena Headey and Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones)

Kristin Bauer van Straten and Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood)

Liz Hurley, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl)

Sofia Vergera and Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Lea Michelle and Dianna Agron (Glee)

Daniella Alonso and Tracy Spiridiakos (Revolution)

Elizabeth Mitchell and Tracy Spiridiakos (Revolution)

Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family)

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively (Gossip Girl)

Kim Raver and Elisha Cuthbert (24)

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs (Community)

Bethany Joy-Lenz and Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill)

Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Roach (The Big Bang Theory)

Deborah Ann Woll and Anna Paquin (True Blood)

Anna Paquin and Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood)