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Mrs Fey's Class - Part 3 - The Dunce

Mrs Fey's Class Part 1
Mrs Fey's Class Part 2


Eliza Coupe

As the girls filed into the classroom, those who had spent it outside were taken aback by the two additional glowing bottoms at the back of the room next to Genevieve. Eliza though had watched the whole thing. She saw everything, and by that she means EVERY THING. They must be humiliated, completely on display for everyone to see, it was barbaric, it was the final straw for Eliza. She was going to escape this wretched place, they were going too far. In the beginning when Eliza first heard about school and rules she thought it was ridiculous then, well not it's gotten ten times worse.
However, Eliza isn't lacking common sense, she's not going to stand up in class, call her teach a stupid bitch and try and jump out of the window. Paris Hilton, her former class mate already tried that and Eliza hasn't seen her since or have any idea where she might be, but she has a sneaky suspicion that it won't be anywhere good. She is on the other hand lacking in intelligence, or at least effort, probably a bit of both to be honest. Her last two grades have been E F, when she did her homework last night, she convinced herself it was ok, but not that she's sat down waiting for it to be passed around, she suddenly realised just how poor it actually was.
And the look on Mrs Fey's face when she dropped her exercise book on her desk with a big red F on it told the story. She was going to be in a lot of trouble. And no sooner had she distributed everyone's homework back did she come and grab Eliza out of her seat by the arm, taking her to the front of the class. Eliza was terrified of a spanking after the afternoon she had witnessed, and her fears were amplified when Mrs Fey pulled down her knickers and hooked up her skirt. She stood embarassed and helpless facing the rest of the class. Mrs fey turned though, and went into the cupboard behind her desk and pulled out a very tall stool and a large coned hat. No one had ever seen these before.
Mrs Fey placed the stool at the front just to the side of her desk and dragged Eliza towards it. Eliza climbed up onto the high stool, and Mrs Fey spun her round so her bare bottom was facing the rest of the class. Then she grabbed the cone, the words DUNCE now clearly visible to her and suddenly she realised. Mrs Fey plonked the cone on her head and went to her bag.
She came back with something in her hand, but Eliza couldn't tell what it was.
'Suck your thumb, now, Dunce,' Mrs Fey demanded. The rest of you open up your science books to page three and start reading the text. You three girls can also come and sit back down. I suggest you so quietly.'
The three girls moved silently and awkwardly back to their seat, each wincing in turn as their red bottoms touched the hair wood of the chair. Eliza sat sucking her thumb, peering at everyone behind her. The Mrs Fey approached from behind and put her hand on her bare bottom. She tried to peer behind her, but couldn't really see, then she felt something on her butt hole.
'Don't you dare move or take that thumb out Dunce,' Tina warned her. Eliza did neither but sat trepidly as something slowly pushed inside her asshole. She could feel it expanding, opening up for whatever it was. It was so uncomfortable, she wished that she could just get a spanking, she closed her eyes and wished. Further and further the thing pushed into her butt, and then when it was half way in, Tina shoved it in fully.
'Ow!' Eliza yelped, her hole stinging a little. But it wasn't too bad, and it was over at least. Mrs Fey went back to her desk and started to write something in marker pen, she couldn't really make it out until she picked it up. It was plastic board attached to little chain, she carried it over and hung it from her little butt plug. Eliza had no idea that it read 'I am stupid'.
'Put your hands up if you have finished reading the chapter.' No one had just yet but after a minute January Jones rocketed her hand up in the air.
'Come here then January,' Mrs Fey beckoned. 'Don't worry you're not in trouble.'
January cautiously approached Mrs Fey at the front who was standing next to Eliza, watching from the corner of her eye. Mrs Fey pulls her hand out from behind her back and hands January a hairbrush.
'Our Dunce here is giving our classroom a bad reputation now and she's letting everyone down. So it's only fair that you all get to punish her for it. So away you go January.'
January couldn't believe her luck, she lifted the brush up straight away. Eliza looked at her eyes wide open, begging her not to. January smiled. Then swung it as hard as she could across her right cheek. Eliza's scream was muffled by her thumb and the ripple to her cheek made the dangling chain rattle. It rattled again and again as January beat her like a dusty carpet that had just murdered her dog. Eliza felt tears rolling down her cheek as her buns were roasted by someone ten minutes she thought was her friend. After just over thirty seconds someone else put their hand up, and Mrs Fey had to snatch the hair brush from January's grasp after she almost refused to stop.
'Good girl January,' Mrs Fey smiled, January looked the picture of pride. 'Come on then Miss Portman.'
Natalie made her way to the front. She did not appear to want to do this to Eliza but Mrs Fey wasn't giving them a choice. She gave her an empathetic look and then she struck again and again. By the time the exercise was finished, Eliza's bottom was glowing red.
Eliza was so sore and angry, but non so more than with January, for although everyone gave her a good thrashing, January was the only one who not only enjoyed it but didn't even try to hide her enjoyment. But Eliza new a secret, Eliza knew that it was January who told on Nicky and Julia. So she sat there, thumb in her mouth, crying, with a bottom redder than Rudolf's nose and a sign hanging from a butt plug inside her, just waiting till she can have her revenge.
The hour of normal school hours was from 3pm until 4pm. Eliza still wasn't allowed to move though because there no point in dunces trying to do spelling. Mrs Fey announced to the class she had a game for everyone, the winner would compete in the inter class spelling competition the following week and would also win a special prize from Mrs Fey. But everytime someone was eliminated they would get a number of straps from her depending on how may they got correct.
Each girl therefore had their knickers down and the skirt up ready in case the lost and each were knelt upon their chair.
The first girl was Abigail, who was asked to spell disentangle. She got it wrong and received thirty whacks with the strap. Natalie Portman then went next and got hers correct. Julia Stiles almost cried when she got hers wrong by one letter, and had to receive thirty whacks to her already red bottom. Genevieve breathed a sigh of relief when she got hers correct. Alicia Keys got hers correct, Ashanti though received thirty for her incorrect answer. Jamie Lynn Sigler also was on the end of the strap, aswell as Janina Gavinkar. January get a huge smug grin when she got hers correct, and Nicky nearly jumped out of her skin when she got thirty fresh whacks to her butt. The dunce also got thirty for being too stupid to compete.
Into the semi final, playing for twenty whacks. Natalie Portman gets hers wrong much to her dispair and receives her strap. Genevieve swiftly follows her with a poor effort for hers, she lets out a large yelp as her buns have their tan topped up. Alicia Keys also gets her incorrect much to everyones dismay and her bottoms pain and finally January gets her spells hers correctly and wins the tournament. With then minutes left in the lesson, Mrs Fey announces that January has won the right to pick any student who to spend the rest of the lesson going down on her. January chooses Janina Gavinkar, but before she does she asks Mrs Fey if she can spank the Dunce again first. Mrs Fey allows it but without the hairbrush this time.
Eliza's blood boils as hot as her bottom. January doesn't care in the slightest though and smacks her bottom with her palm with a smile from ear to ear. After five minutes and a thorough effort, with the dunce in tears, January goes back to her seat. Janina angrily kneels down before her and begins to lick her out until the lesson finishes. By the end of the lesson, there's not a single person who doesn't want to bring January down a peg, and when Mrs Fey announces the Dunce, Genevieve, Nicky and Julia need to report to detention at Mrs Britton's, she wonders if she will get the chance to plot their revenge.

Late - Genevieve


Genevieve Cortese

Tina Fey

Genevieve skipped lunch again that day. She knew she shouldn't have, but she wanted to meet with Alaina so badly she couldn't resist. They met in the field near the water-tower and in just seconds they were kissing and she was pawing inside her skirt. Terrified that someone would see her returning from lunch dishevelled and dirty, she made her wait while she carefully dis-robed.
Wearing just her underwear she came back to her and Alaina spread her legs. Her pussy looked so wet and juicy, her eyes burned with desire and she knelt and kissed it, looking up at her with her eyes shining. She knew what she wanted but there was no way. She wanted to feel something inside her, deep inside her but there were no boys to speak of. So instead she buried her tongue in her makeshift girlfriends snatch on him a little until she was about to burst. Then they swapped over, and Genevieve felt a little ecstasy, she wanted to scream it felt so good and so bad.
It was over in seconds, it seemed. It had been that long for her. Like a really good amusement park ride it never seemed to last long enough. They kissed and Alaina reminded her that they couldn't be late getting back to classes. She ran off towards her class and Genevieve dressed as quickly as she could and headed for hers.
It was a ten-minute trot back to the school and Genevieve was worried she'd be late. With only a half-hour for lunch it was nuts to meet Alaina this way. But evenings were so regulated that it was almost impossible to get away for any length of time that it seemed lunch was the only opportunity they had.
Genevieve knew before she arrived at the school she was late. The hallways were deserted and that could only mean one thing. She quietly opened the door to Mrs. Fey's Mathematics class and tried to slip into her seat unnoticed. It didn't work.
"I see you finally decided to join us, Ms. Cortese. How decent of you." Mrs. Fey's voice dripped sarcasm. "Isn't this your third tardy this month?"
"I-I'm not sure, Mrs. Fey. I'm terribly sorry. It won't happen again."
"I'm sure you are sorry, dear, but that will not take the place of proper discipline. To the front of the class girl! Assume the position."
Genevieve did not move.
Come dear, or I shall send you to Mrs Britton”
Genevieve jumped out of her chair.
Her heart sinking to her ankles she slowly walked to the front of the class. Her face burned and she tried to ignore the snickers from the other girls. Genevieve had tasted Mrs. Fey's punishment just over a week earlier for this same infraction and knew that this time it would be worse. Mrs. Fey hated her class being disrupted for any reason, and she loved to inflict harsh discipline.
At the front of the class Genevieve lifted up her skirt and Mrs Fey hooked it in place by the back of her collar. Mrs Fey then quickly yanked down Genevieves knickers and placed them on her desk. Unsure how she was to be punished, Genevieve was surprised to find Mrs Fey forcing her down onto all fours before her, with her bottom facing the rest of the class and her waist between Mrs Feys legs. Mrs Fey's calf’s were pressing against her ribs firmly but not painfully, holding her still. She could feel every single eye in the classroom staring at her two holes. Her face was blood red with shame as she could hear the giggles from the class, especially that January Jones. Genevieve hated her.
"You are going to remember this time, that you are not to be late.”
Her heart pounded in terror and Genevieve waited, dreading what was about to come. Her bare bottom faced the class and she had never felt so humiliated in all her life. She cursed Mrs. Fey in her mind and she cursed Alaina for getting her into this. Thinking of her made her sex stir, however, and Genevieve realized that kneeling before the class was arousing her.
So if you open up your text books to page fourteen..”
But what was happening? Mrs. Fey was continuing the maths lecture as though Genevieve wasn't there. She squirmed and waited. Mrs. Fey continued, rambling about coefficients and other nonsense. Genevieve felt her cheeks flushing as she waited, her sex tingling. Here she was, naked in front of her friends, waiting to be punished. And there was nothing she could do about it.
Time passed. Genevieve almost became bored, but she definitely did not want the time to go by faster. Each second that ticked by brought her closer to her punishment and she dreaded whatever Mrs. Fey was planning.
Finally, at five minutes to two o'clock Mrs. Fey stopped lecturing and gave the next day's homework assignment. Then she bade the class to put away their books and observe. Genevieve had no doubt that it was her turn to be the centre of attention and she was not excited about it at all.
"Well, Genevieve, I trust you've had plenty of time to think about your behaviour?"
Genevieve nodded, tears already forming in her eyes.
"Good. Now I want you to remember this punishment, Genevieve. There is no excuse for being late to my class! Three times in two weeks! Unforgivable! And I believe I already smacked your bottom once for this infraction. This time it shall be double! And to make sure you remember, I'm going to give use the paddle.”
Genevieve almost died at the thought of it. Now it made sense, the position she had standing over her, she had a perfect angle to swing the paddle down.
With those words the teacher left her for a moment, giving her a quick chance to glance behind her at her eager eyed classmates. She instantly regretted looking back. Mrs Fey took a large wooden paddle from her desk drawer and stepped back over Genevieve. Holding the paddle firmly with both hands she lifted it high above her head.
I want everyone to count to twenty, but Genevieve I want you to say thank you Mrs Fey after each one.”
She swung down hard, slamming the paddle onto Genevieve's bottom from above
'One,' the girls chorused
ow ow ow, thank you Mrs Fey,” she yelped. The pain was already too much.
The second loud smack echoed throughout the room making it sound more horrible than it was but still pretty horrible.
Wham! It came down again, each time worse than the last and always having to thank her as her classmates counted in giggles, Wham! Wham! Wham! came three in a row. Genevieve couldn't help but flop down onto her stomach sometimes, the force on her bottom was just too much and she could feel it burning.
Thank you Mrs Fey.”
Genevieve wept silently.
Taking a step back Mrs. Fey took her time with the next one, swinging it as hard as she could. WHAM! The sound was deafening, and Genevieve cried out it hurt so much. She choked back her cries and wept miserably, knowing that this was just the beginning. She still had nine more to go. She didn't know how she was going to take that.
I hope you are learning your lesson.”
Genevieve felt Mrs Feys hand grab beneath her stomach lifting her up onto her feet and tucked under her arm. She felt the paddle land again, not as hard this time, but still bad. She couldn't take any more, it was too much! But she knew that an alternative punishment would be even worse. She had to obey Mrs. Fey and cooperate.
"Like I said, Genevieve, you are going to remember this lesson. This *will* be the last time you are tardy, do you hear me? If you are late again you will not only get double what you get today, but you will be having lunch by yourself in this classroom for the rest of the year, do you hear me?"
Genevieve nodded furiously. She would not be late again. She would be early for Mrs. Fey's classes from now on. No question.
Genevieve gasped as she rained eight final whacks to her sore bottom and then heard it land on the desk with a clunk. She breathed a sigh of relief as she gave her final thanks. Yet something was wrong, she was still firmly gripped in place. A sharper sting landed on her bottom, it was the unmistakable feel of an open palmed hand smacking against her bottom. She could hear the whispers of the class as everyone marvelled at this progression. They came hard and they came fast! She tried to keep up with her thank you's but she couldn't, but it seemed like she wasn't supposed to now.
Many of the student started feeling quite sorry for poor Genevieve as the bell for final break rang.
Mrs Fey abrubtly stopped spanking her, Genevieve continued to cry though as she hid away from the class under Mrs Fey's arm.
Time for break, all of you out and I expect you all back on time,” the girls scurried out whispering frantically as Genevieve remained gripped in place. When the last of the girls left the classroom, Mrs Fey eased up on her hold. Genevieve stood upright, rubbing her sore bottom. But once more Mrs Fey grabbed her, this time by the arm and dragged her around her desk to her chair. She sat down and pulled Genevieve down not over her knee, but laid up her knee so that both her thighs rested either side of Mrs fey's right leg and her bare snatch was on the top of her knee. Mrs Fey did not waste any time.
SMACK The first was just as bad as the last and they continued hard and fast once more. Mrs Fey was spanking her that quickly she managed to get three spanks in every second. She gasped, tears flooding her eyes. The pain burned from her flesh, stinging deeper and deeper as though it she was sat on a red hot radiator.
She gripped Mrs Fey tightly, it was all she could do to not reach around and grab her ass. Genevieve's body was covered with a film of sweat as she gasped and struggled to carry on. She didn't think could take any more, but more came and she took it. She had no choice.
Genevieve reached a point when she was crying and screaming out so loud that she reminded herself of a small child who had just been told she wasn't allowed any ice cream. She was kicking, and crying and acting like a toddler, not a thirty four year old woman. She knew already she wouldn't be sitting comfortably for at least a week, maybe if she stopped wailing, it might be over.
And sure enough, as she laid their silent and still, Mrs Fey gradually slowed and came to a stop. Mrs Fey gripped Genevieve and lifted her onto her feet again marching her across the room to the corner. She placed her facing it with her hands placed on top of her head and then left the room. Genevieve immediately gasped and rubbed her bottom ferociously. That was the most painful thing she had ever experienced and all for a few seconds of pleasure. Never again.

The End