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True Blood - The Interviews - Deborah Ann Woll

'Let the record state the time is 11:04 am, I am Detective David Selhurst, present in the room along with myself is Detective Donald Cooper. Could you please state your name for the recorder Miss?'

'Deborah Ann Woll.'

'And how old are you Miss Woll?'


'And what is your profession?'

'I....I'm an actress.'

'Are you on any shows at the moment?'

'No, but I've recently finished one called True Blood.'

'Thank you miss Woll, you have been brought here today because you are a person of interest in the investigation behind the murder of Stephen Moyer.'

'But I don't...'

'You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult with a lawyer and have that lawyer present during the interrogation, if you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to represent you. You can invoke your right to be silent before or during an interrogation, and if you do so, the interrogation must stop. You can invoke your right to have an attorney present, and until your attorney is present, the interrogation must stop. Is all of that clear?'


'Do you wish to have an attorney present?'

'I don't know, I don't understand why I'm here.'

'We're just going to ask you some questions Miss, we're interviewing everyone.'

'OK. No I don't want an attorney.'

'Very well, let us begin. My partner here detective Cooper will be making some notes during the interview.'

'Don't mind me Miss, just pretend I'm not here.'

'Can you tell me, to the best of your knowledge Miss Woll, everything you can remember from the 14th November 2014?'

'Erm, I'm not sure it was a couple of months ago now.'

'If you could try, anything you can tell us would be of great service.'

'When do you want me to start? In the morning or just at work?'

'What's the first thing that you remember happening.'

'Well, I had slept over at Ryan's house....'


'Oh..Ryan Kwanten.'

'And were the two of you in a relationship?'

'Well..It's kind of a long story, it might not be relevant.'

'It's important that we understand all the details Miss Woll, so please go on and we'll let you know if we don't need to hear it.'

'Well, when I first came on the show, Anna...'


'Oh sorry, Anna Paquin...was in a relationship with Ryan...Kwanten.'

'Is that his sister?'

'Sorry Detective Cooper, what was that?'

'Anna Paquin, isn't that Ryan's sister?'

'No, only on the show, their characters are brother and sister.'

'Oh, that still seems weird to me.'

'Well..anyway, they were pretty serious. Until a year later, when we were half way through season 2, Ryan found out that Anna had cheated on him with Stephen..Moyer.'

'You're saying that Ryan became aware that Anna was having relations with the victim?'


'How did he become aware?'

'I was out having drinks with Ryan..'

'Just the two of you?'


'For how long?'

'Oh..a couple of hours.'

'What did you do?'

'We went to a restaurant.'

'And then what happened?'

'We went back to his place...'

'You went back to the home of Ryan, who was in a serious relationship with another woman.'

'Yes, we were just friends.'

'You were just friends?'

'....we're dating now.'

'You are now dating Ryan, who used to date Anna until she had an affair with Stephen?'

'No, they didn't split up straight away.'

'Perhaps you should let her continue Detective Selhurst.'

'So, we got back and I heard a noise upstairs, I went up and I saw..well actually I can show you, I took a picture. May I get my phone out of my bag?'


''s here...'

'Let the record state that Miss Woll has produced a picture taken on a white I-phone 4 good condition that shows a clear picture of Anna Paquin and the victim Stephen Moyer clearly involved with each other in a sexual manner. The date and time stamp of this picture is the 15th of July 2009 and it was taken at 22:37.'

'We will need to submit the phone into evidence Miss Woll.'


'How did Ryan react?'

'He attacked Stephen and dragged him out of the house.'

'How did he attack him?'

'He punched him twice in the face.'

'Did Stephen sustain any injuries as a result?'

'He bust his nose but I didn't see much because Stephen left as soon as Ryan kicked him out and he asked me to leave aswell.'

'How did Anna react to you being there?'

'She didn't see me.'

'Even though you took a photo?'

'Well, I went in before Stephen, and I took the photo..'

'Why did you take the photo?'

'Excuse me?'

'Why did you decide to take the photo of Anna and Stephen in bed, why didn't you just leave or say something. Why the secret photo?'

'Because...I don't like Anna.'

'Why not?'

'We have...history.'

'Tell us about your history with Anna.'

'Well when I first started working there, Anna was really horrible to me.'

'What did she do?'

'She told everyone that she caught me...going down on Sam Trammel but I didn't at all, it was just because everyone was being really nice to me and she wants to be the centre of attention.'

'Is that all she did?'

'No, I confronted her about it and she and Rutina Wesley attacked me and demanded that I quit.'

'How did she attack you?'

''s embarrassing.'

'Please Miss, we need to know.'

'Anna.... spanked me.'

'Sorry could you repeat that louder.'

'She spanked me.'

'When you say she spanked you, Miss Woll, just to be clear.'

'She put me over her knee and spanked me.'

'Right...OK. Let's go back. What happened with Ryan and Anna?'

'I don't know I left.'

'Did you see Stephen and Ryan have any further altercations?'


'When was this?'

About three months ago.'

'And what happened exactly?'

'Me and Ryan were at my place and we know... and Stephen walked in on us.'

'Can you please be clear about what you were doing with Ryan.'

'...having sex.'

'And you and Ryan were dating at this point?'


'So why did Stephen walk into your place?'

'We had been seeing each other since the start of season 3, so that was 2012.'

'So...right..was Ryan still in a relationship with Anna when he was with you?'

'No, that ended a few weeks before we got together.'

'And was this the first time it happened?'


'What did Stephen do?'

'He attacked Ryan, they had a big fight.'

'What happened next?'

'Well Ryan beat Stephen up and then ran out of the house.'

'So Ryan and Stephen have had two fights, both of which Ryan came out on top?'


'What happened with you and Stephen?'

'We argued all night and then I left him.'

'Where did you go?'

'To Ryan's...we've been together ever since.'

'I just want to interrupt you for a moment Detective Selhurst...Miss Woll, did you report Anna for spanking you to the police?'

'No..I...No I didn't.'

'Why not?'

'I didn't think anyone would believe me, and well...I didn't want anyone to know anyway.'

'Is that the only time she's ever done it to you.'


'Thank you, we may want to take this further with Anna, but we will be speaking to her at some point aswell.'

'Where were you the night of Stephen's murder?'

' home.'

'Who with?'

' one.'

'Why are you hesitating?'

'I'm not, or I don't mean to, I'm just...scared.'

'So you weren't with Ryan the day Stephen was killed?'


'Do you know where he was?'

'He said he was going to the gym.'

'And that was at?'

'I'm not sure but he usually goes around 7 and I don't remember him coming back till after midnight.'

'Where had he been?'

'He said he had been out afterwards for drinks with some of the guys from the show.'

'Do you know who?'

'Only Jim Parrack, he didn't mention anyone else.'

'Was this a common thing, for him to go out for drinks without telling you?'

'He did tell me, he called around 9 and told me and he does do it quite often.'

'How often?'

'Like...once a week.'

'Thank you Miss Woll, we will be in touch. Please don't go anywhere outside of the city as you may be required to come in for further questioning. The time is 12:14 pm and the interview has now ended.'

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