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The One With The Spanking

                          Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) spanking Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Celebrity Fight Night # 1 - Carpenter VS Strahovski (Round 1) [Fantasy Land]

Celebrity Fight Night # 1 - Carpenter VS Strahovski (Round 1)

Main Event

Jennifer Carpenter VS Yvonne Strahovski 

CO Main Event 
  Trish Stratus Vs Melanie Brown

Match 4

 Kaley Cuoco Vs Erica Durance

Match 3

Lana Parilla Vs Fearne Cotton

                                 Match 2
 Janine Lindemulder Vs Zoey Deschanel 


                                                                        Match 1 - 
Beyonce Knowles Vs Naya Rivera

"Welcome too the first edition of Celebrity Fight Night, I'm Susanna Thompson and this is my co commentator Patricia Heaton. Today we have an exciting line up of matches."

"That's right Susanna and I can't wait for our main event of the evening."

"It's set out to be a cracker, let's run through today's line up for you:

In our first Match we have Beyonce Knowles Vs Naya Rivera,

Then it will be Janine Lindemulder Vs Zoey Deschanel,

and in match 3 it's Lana Parilla Vs Fearne Cotton,

match 4 will then be Kaley Cuoco Vs Erica Durance,

then in our co main event of the evening it will be Trish Stratus Vs Melanie Brown

and finally, the main event Jennifer Carpenter VS Yvonne Strahovski"

"Oh wow, I can't wait Susanna."

"So just to recap quickly for you, each battle in round 1 has been randomly drawn from a pool of over five hundred female celebrities. The winner of each match will be determined by either submission, count out or by making your opponent orgasm. Submission and count out can be achieved by any means necessary."

"That's right Susanna, for example folks, in this evenings preliminaries:

Poppy Montgomerie beat Amy Adams by count out as Poppy spanked her for two consecutive minutes without interruption."

"A very one sided fight Patricia, with the greatest respect to Amy for hanging in for as long as she did, she didn't even make one attack on Poppy and her bottom was red raw when the victory bell sounded."

"Yes, it will be interesting to see how Poppy advances against an opponent who fights back.

In our second preliminary match:

Meagan Good beat Daneel Ackles also by count out as Meagan forced Daneel down on her for two consecutive minutes.

"Yes, a much closer contested affair Patricia in which Daneel actually took an early lead, spanking Meagan for almost a minute but Meagan managed to get out of it, and Daneel seemed to look tired. Meagan took advantage of that and pinned her down, spanking her and then when all the fight was out of Daneel, Meagan forced her head between her thighs and that was all she wrote."

"Yes it was a good fight, I've also heard from a source that Daneel is currently in Meagan's locker room, I can't say for certain but It looks as though the manner in which she has lost has had consequences.'

'Well it certainly looked as though Meagan had made Daneel her bitch in the ring, it's definitely plausible."

"In our third prelimary fight, Anna Torv beat Ashley Williams by making her orgasm."

"Yes, it was a strange fight Susanna, the fighters engaged quickly into a grapple and Anna elected to go straight for Ashley's pussy with her fingers. And rather than resisting, Ashley just lay back and let Anna go to town on her, the entire venue shook as Ashley climaxed right there in the centre of the ring.

And in our final preliminary fight, Billie Piper beat Tyra Banks by submission."

"Yes, in our prelimary main event of the day, each competitor was allowed one item of their choosing, Tyra opted for some rope and Billie opted for a strap on. In the first minute it became a close affair with Tyra very nearly getting Billie tied up, but Billie just managed to free herself and with Tyra laid on the floor, Billie pounced on top her and made her submit by shoving her strap on into Tyra's butt. Tyra tried to fight her off for a few seconds, but when half of the strap on was inside her, she was left with no choice.'

'Yes, and what a sight Tyra was afterwards, it seemed she had underestimated how literal the rules were when it came to the 'anything goes' stipulation. And the way those two were looking at each other after the fight, I doubt that will be the last time we see those two in the ring together.'

'Let's us now introduce our first contestants:

On the left below us we have Beyonce. Not a stranger to the ring, Beyonce has had mixed success. She's participated in fifteen matches, won eight, drawn one and lost six. Beyonce has won all eight of her matches by making her opponent submit by spanking. She has also lost one to spanking submission, one to anal submission and four to the spanking stop clock. Her opponent for this fight is to the right, Naya Rivera. Naya is a ring virgin, as such we are yet to find out what her fighting style is.


9.6 / 8.3


5 ft 6 / 5 ft 5


33 / 27


8-1-6 / V

'And now, it's time for our first event of the evening.'

'Yes, Beyonce's music is ringing around the arena....and there she is on the entrance ramp. The queen of curves looks beautiful walking down to the ring and of course for those that can't see, she looks just amazing naked.'

'Yes, I can't wait to see her in action.'

'Oh and that was encouraging for her, as she fist bumped the crowd in the middle of the ring, Beyonce got a huge cheer in reponse, she looks delighted.'

'Down comes Naya Rivera, she's opted for one of her Glee songs as her entrance music. I'm not a fan of the show to be honest.'

'I can't say I've ever seen it Susanna,'

'Well my wife makes me watch it, so to be honest, I hope Beyonce does me a favour here.

'They're both in the centre of the ring, the referee makes them shake exchange of words  between them. The referee for tonight is Carmen Electra, what a job that must be.'

'Yes, she's certainly got the best view in the arena.'

'And there's the bell.'

'Naya instantly takes a defensive approach, backing away from Beyonce. You may not like the show Susanna, but you have to like Naya, she does like delightful out there.'

'I can't say i've actually seen her yet Patricia, i've been too transfixed on Beyonce's chest bouncing all over the place.'

'They certainly are a tremendous pair.'

'Thirty seconds has lapsed and Naya is doing a tremendous job of staying out of Beyonce's reach, at one  point Beyonce chased her out of the ring and around it twice before the referee ordered them back in.'

'Naya is no way trying to win this contest, she looks like she might be playing for a draw.'

'Oh and that's an unfortunate slip...Naya Rivera trying to dodge Beyonce has slipped and fallen onto her front. Beyonce wasted little time in grabbing her and pulled her over her knee, and is now smacking her bare bottom.'

'Yeah and you can just hear that echoing around the arena, this won't last long.'

'There's been a close up from the camera, on one angle we can see Beyonce's hand smacking Naya's bottom, and the force of that is extremely hard, there's a close up on her face, Naya is clearly crying.'

'And that's it!'

' looks like..Carmen has stopped the fight, it's all over.'

'Let's have a look at the replay while we await the referees announcement.'

'Yes you can see Naya clearly loses her footing.'

'But how quick does Beyonce pounce on her, Naya had barely hit the floor before she was over her knee.'

'And i'll tell you Susanna, I think if she hit me that hard, I'd probably cry myself.'

'And the referee has announced what we suspected, Naya had submitted, the match has been stopped after three minutes and thirty eight seconds. And if my stats are right it looks as though Beyonce made her submit after forty five seconds of spanking.'

'Well what a start to the night, next up we have Janine Lindemulder Vs Zoey Deschanel and we'll be right back after these messages.'


'Welcome back, ladies and gentleman to Celebrity Fight Night! The show the brings you the hottest celebrities of the world going head to head in a battle to see who is the ultimate female celebrity. Tonight has already brought us five matches, with five more remaining.'

'And what matches they've been so far Patricia!'

'And it can only get better!'

'Let's take a look at these competitors:

First up on the left we have Janini Lindemulder, a veteran of the ring and one of it's founders. Janine has took part in forty three matches and has yet to lose a fight. She has won every single one of them before the half way five minute marker. Janine does not possess a unique style of victory, she has a very varied history when it comes to finishing matches, though the most frequent has to be by making her opponent go down on her, and the least popular is by spanking. Zooey Deschanel is her opponent, she is new to the ring but has had some taste of success from what little fights she has had, boasting three wins out of four. All three of her wins have been from the anal stop clock, her trademark move is to wrap up her opponent in her legs and finger them until the clock runs out.'


8.9 / 8.7


5 ft 9 / 5 ft 7


45 / 34


43-0-0/ 3-0-1

'Now we have Zooey and Janine in the ring and this certainly looks like a mismatch. I wonder what Zooey's tactics will be against the veteran porn star.'

'Yes, I wonder if she watched Naya's failed attempt at trying to see out the ten minute clock.'

'Yes, if both competitors manage to remain in the ring after the ten minute clock has expired, then both celebrities will go into the sudden death.'

'That's right, and in the sudden death, the celebrities are simultaneously spanked by two referee's and the first one to give in loses.'

'The referee, Carmen is just having a chat with them...'

'I'm just hearing, that Beyonce has tweeted a picture from her post match victory party.'

'It looks like it could be a long night for Naya,'

'The referee makes them shake hands...and the bell rings.'

'Zooey has shown straight away she isn't going on the defensive.'

'And it looks to be a poor choice of tactics, Janine has pinned her face down to the floor, and she's knelt on Zooey's back, just batting her hands down one by one on to her defenseless bare bottom.'

'It looks as though this is another non contest.'

'We're at the thirty second marker, Zoey hasn't been able to make any attempt at turning janine off her back.'

'Yes, and we've seen a wry smile on Janine's face, she looks to be enjoying herself out there.'

'I'm not sure who's cheeks are rosier Patricia, Janine looks beside herself.'

'I've got the upmost respect for Zoey as we reach one minute of consecutive spanking.'

'And there's some movement, Janine looks to have vuluntarily slipped off Zoey's back but the clock is still running because she's still smacking her. She's just decided to switch positions, pulling Zoey over her knee. She looks completely over powered and helpless here.'

'Yes, Janine has pinned Zoey's arm behind her back but I don't think she needed to, Zoey has completely given up fighting now. And we're at one minute thirty.'

'The audience has gone pretty quiet now, and you can hear the slap echoing around the arena.'

'And on the main screen the clock is about to go up for the last ten seconds,  the crowd are counting with it... 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...wait.'

'I don't believe it.'

'Unbelievable scenes unfolding here, with less than a second to go on the spanking clock, Janine has stopped. She's stood in the middle of the ring over Zoey, laughing.'

'Does she think she's won? I don't understand.'

'The referee is speaking with her, I'm not sure what's going on Susanna.'

''Well, she's now sat down next to Zoey and..oh, well.'

'Well there you go.'

'She has pulled Zoey's head between her legs, and is commanding that she goes down on her.'

'Zoey looks hesitant...'

'Out comes the tongue though, she's doing it.'

'Well it looks as though we're going to have to sit through this while we wait for her to run down the clock, assuming that Janine will actually see it through to the end this time.'

'She looks like she's extremely proud of herself, sat with her head tilted back and smiling from ear to ear, looking around at the audience.'

'I feel sorry for Zoey, it was bad enough losing in such a one side spanking, then to have to endure this humiliation.'

'There's a few booes coming from the audience, though they're definitely in a minority. Most of the crowd are enjoying it and to be honest, watching Zoey go down on Janine is very difficult to disapprove of...'

'Yes, that is true, I said I felt sorry, I didn't say i wasn't aroused.'

'The countdown has come up on the screen once more, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.'

'And that's all she wrote, Janine's hand is raised by Carmen and she goes through to the next round. I imagine anyone who faces her in round 2 will be very nervous about it. '

'Yes, the girls in the back will most likely be hoping they don't draw her, you have to applaud the possible mind games that Janine was using there.'

'Well that was match 2, we'll be back for our third bout of Lana Parilla vs Fearne Cotton after these messages.'


Welcome back people of the spanking universe, we're going right now live to backstage to our colleague Lisa Kudrow who we've just heard has caught up with Janine Lindemulder for a post match interview.

'Hello, I'm Lisa Kudrow, and just outside in the smoking area is Janine Lindemulder, I'll see if I can get the camera to show you her...........

I've asked her if we can have an interview but I'm I afraid for fear of my own personal safety i've had to retreat to a safe distance as she threatened to attack me. I did manage to get an answer from her when I asked why had she delayed her victory when she had Zooey beaten and she replied because Zooey is her bitch and because she can. That's all I have for you right now, back to the ring, I'm Lisa Kudrow.'

'Thanks Lisa. Obviously a very angry and aggressive woman, you have to consider her an early favourite Susanna.'

'...I would let her do whatever she wanted to me.'

'Thank you Susanna, always the professional, now it's time for our third match, the two competitors are in the ring and ready to go. This one looks slightly more balanced than the first two but you have to think that Lana is the more likely to go through to the next round.'

'I have to agree Patricia, also notice the items that each has opted to use in this special match up.'

'Yes ladies and gentlemen, round 3 has the singular honour of allowing each competitor to bring down an item of their choosing. Lana has opted for a large paddle, while Fearne is carrying a pair of handcuffs.'

'I think that's a poor choice to be honest Patrica, she's but herself at a huge disadvatage. Lana can keep her distance and still use that paddle but Fearne is going to have to get real close to put them on.'

'Let's check out our two competitors:

Lana has not had a great deal of luck as of yet in the ring, in her previous nine matches she has only won 3 and the rest she has been beaten. I should however add, not to make excuses that she has been quite unfortunate with who she had come up against, one of which being Janine Lindemulder but also a couple of ex pro wrestlers too. Lana will be looking to add a W to her record today, as she is certainly in a match which is more to her favour. Lana on all three occasions that she has won has done so by a spanking count out, but all six occasions she has submitted by spanking. Fearne on the other hand, has lost all four of her previous matches, she has had the two minute consecutive spanking clock run down on her each time, but is yet to submit.

 8.8 / 8.2


5 ft 5 / 5 ft 7


37 / 33


3-0-6 / 0-0-4

'The bell rings, and the two circle each other, both looking pretty hesitant. Lana lunges forward and swipes the air as Fearne skips away from what would have been a stinging blow to the bottom. Lana pursues, swings wildly, connects!'

'Ouch, Patricia, ouch.'

'Lana catches Fearne with a wild swing to the bottom with her paddle as Fearne tried to dodge it a second time and catches one square across the behind.'

'It literally nearly launched her across the ring.'

'Figuratively, it did Susanna yes. Fearne still backing away from Lana holding her bottom. Lana skips forward, Fearne looks like she's had enough, run aross the ring...tries to climb out...'

'Oh wow, Lana catches Fearne in the ropes, she's holding on to the top rope, and has her right knee rested on the back of Fearne who's lying halfway out over the middle rope, and Lana has started swinging her paddle down across poor Fearne's poor defenseless bottom.'

'Look at her bottom Patricia, that's a very very red bottom.'

'By my count that's thirty smacks and if i'm not a five year old then this one is over.'

'Wait what's this, Fearne has toppled out of the ring, Lana wanted to chase her but as she moved her hand away she realised that her left arm has been handcuffed to the top rope.'

'She can't move Patricia, when in the blazes did Fearne do that.'

'I don't know, let's see the replay....oh wow that's sneaky, after around the twentieth smack to her bottom Fearne reaches up and gently places the handcuff over the hand that Lana was using to hold the top rope.'

'Fearne now back in the ring, trying to find away towards Lana who's swinging her paddle with her free hand whenever she comes near. But it's important to remember hear that Lana can only connect with Fearne's bottom, a strike anywhere else that is deemed intentional will result in a disqualification and a spanking from the referee.'

'Yes that's right Susanna, but Fearne needs to do something as we're approaching the halfway five minute marker. I think a draw, while it would be painful for both Lana and Fearne would ultimately work in Lana's favour as Fearne's already sore.

'She must have heard you Patricia, back out of the ring she get's and around to side of the ring which Lana is cuffed to. This is strange...Fearne has climbed up on the ring knelt between Lana's legs, Lana is happily raining down blows with her paddle to Fearne's bottom. Fearne is moving her bottom all over but...oh...sits up abit and pushes her fingers into Lana's pussy and is rapidly firing them back and forth within her.'

'Lana has stopped swinging the paddle, I think she's been taken aback by that move from Fearne. But she needs to start spanking her again because this is now a race between whether she squirts or Fearne has enough and moves and they draw.'

'Right you are Patricia, you have to admire the courage of Fearne here, but she was desperate, the last thing she wanted was the draw, at least by taking this spanking she might go on to win.'

'Fearne glances at the clock, there's two minutes left. Other than a slight buckle of the knee's Lana looks to be holding out. Fearne's bottom on the other hand is glowing, her face is drenched in tears. Lana looks shell shocked, to be honest I am too, this is a superb effort. Fearne grips tighter with her other hand, Lana immediately shifts her legs violently and kicks Fearne! What was that!'

'Patricia, I'm not sure whether Fearne's other hand is actually there for grip!'

'Can we get a shot from the other side...we'll try and find out soon. the referee has warned Lana, but Fearne is still driving her fingers into her, Lana has stopped spanking her, there's one minute on the clock. We have the view....Fearne's get two fingers inside Lana's ass, she's double penetrating her. Fearne has gotten to her feet now, she's brushed right up next to Lana, they're face to face and Fearne is vigourously slamming her fingers inside her from both sides, there's 20 seconds on the clock.  17, 16, 15, 14.....'

'and there she blows! Fearne has won! Unbelievable victory there in what was deemed as an easy pick. Let's see that replay, in slow motion, Fearne's fingers driving in to her pussy for one more time, and the juices squirting from Lana all over Fearne, the ring and the audience.'

'Yes, we don't call the the front row surrounding the ring the splash zone without reason Susanna, a few members of the audience getting more than they bargained for there.'

'Fearne parades around the ring arms aloft, and what an ovation she has received here from the audience.'

'Lana looks absolutely mortifed and in disbelief and who can blame her, she's going to be going home early. And look, Fearne turns away from us and her bottom is just bright red, Lana is pointing at it and laughing with her free hand in amazement at how she didn't win.'

'Well that's the end of match three, we'll be right back after these messages.'

Well we're back for another match on the debut night of Celebrity Fight Night, the contest which pits all your favourite celebrities against each other to discover the ultimate diva.'

'We've been sent in a anoymous tweet showing us a pre match picture of Kaley Cuoco preparing for the fight.'

'I don't know if she's preparing as much as she's just undressing for the fight but wow, that's a great tweet, whoever it is thankyou and keep them coming.'

'And what a night it's been so far Patricia, we've seen some absolutely dominating performances from Janine and Beyonce, and then what about that amazing comeback from Fearne cotton.'

'Oh it was truly remarkable, i'm not sure we'll see a better comeback than that.'

'Let's hope the next match is just as entertaining, so let's review our competitors:

Neither of these two competitors have participated in any previous match ups, so we will be entering this matchup blindly and eagerly anticipated what could be a fantastic fight.


9 / 8.8


5 ft 7 / 5 ft 9


28 / 36



'Now we have Kaley Cuoco against Erica Durance. Kaley the blonde bombshell is hard to watch out there without jumping over this announce table and jumping into the ring to shove my pussy in her face.'

'Normally I would criticise your professionalism Susanna but I have to agree with you on this one, she looks stunning...There's been some sort of delay in the ring. The referee looks to be having stern words with both competitors. Erica has gotten out of the ring, the referee looks furious. Kaley doesn't seem to know what's going on, she's just stood there waiting to start. Erica climbs back in, words are exchanged further between Erica and Kaley.'

'I'm sure there's something in Erica's hand Patricia.'

'I can't see Susanna but, Erica looks to be protesting. I think she's saying that she doesn't want to fight Kaley.'

'Do we have anything in the rule book about unwillingness to participate?'

'Well, if one participant refuses, then I guess they'll be on the receiving end of a two minute spanking by the other one.'

', it looks like Kaley has been convinced by Erica not to fight. The referee has taken her by the arm to the corner of the ring next to us, giving us a great view of her ass as she stands against the ropes. Hugh is having stern words with her. I'm not sure exactly what he's saying but i think he might mention that if neither participate then it will go down as a draw in which Kaley and Erica will receive a spanking.'

'Erica has stepped out of the ring, she's walking around the back of them in front of us, looking absolutely beautiful.'

'What is she up to here Patricia? She's up to something, look! That's a pair of handcuffs, where did she get those from?'

'Erica....jumps up on the ropes and cuffs Kaley to them!'

'Is this allowed Patricia? Can she use items?'

'I'm not sure, though neither is Carmen, she pauses, she's looking at me, i'm shaking my head because I don't know either....she..she rings the bell. The match has started!'

'Erica is going back around the ring, the camera is following her this time, she gets on all fours and puts her hand under the ring.'

'Can I just take a moment to point out how much I love my job Patricia? We've got Erica on all fours showing us everything and Kaley handcuffed naked in the ring.'

'We are blessed Susanna, Erica under the ring...comes out with...a strap on!'

'Who ever decided to keep all the used items from today under the ring instead of getting rid of them is either an idiot or a genius.'

'Erica struggled to put on the strap on, seemingly for the first time in her life...... After a couple of minutes though she has it on. The crowd give her a little cheer, everyone seems pretty excited about what's about to happen.'

'Everyone apart from Kaley.'

'Yes, apart from Kaley. Erica steps into the ring. Kaley looks horrified. Erica spits on the large ten inch dildo I believe. Kaley stares at her sraight on, she looks down at her pussy, then back at Erica. I think she expects Erica to try and make her squirt for the win.'

'Yes, it would probably be the way to go, not really much Kaley can do.'

'Erica advances, Kaley turns away from her blocking her pussy, from full view, Erica still able to get to it from behind though, aims it up. Kaley realising puts her free hand down and covers her self, Erica can't get inside it now. Erica pauses for a moment...and shoves it in her ass!'

'Oh my God Patricia! Erica has shoved the head of that dildo into Kaley's asshole, Kaley is jumping all over the place, wriggling her bottom, trying to get away but she can't.'

'Yeah it looks like Erica has her here! It's halfway in, the crowd are roaring. Kaley is shouting and yelling at Erica but she she can barely look back at her, adding insult to injury she puts her hand on the back of her head and bends her over the top rope then shoves the rest of the strapon into her butt. The crowd cheer wildly.'

'Just listen to them, every single person in this crowd did not expect to see Erica Durance fucking Kaley Cuoco in this ass tonight, but it's happened and everyone is delighted. Erica rocks her bottom back and forth, with a nice steady pace.'

'Kaley seems to have settled down now, adjusting to getting slammed in the butt.'

'Yeah, she's trying to wriggle out but, I don't think she'll get out. It looks like she'll see it out for the last minute and then that will be it. You don't really want to submit, if you lose that's bad but if you actually submit then that puts a target on your head that you won't put up a fight and then you've had it in the future.'

'Erica is either mocking Kaley now or trying to do her a favour, either way she's reached around her waist and rubbing Kaley's clit. But it won't matter to much because this one is just about over anyway.'

'Yeah, we're ready for the 10, 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3, 2 , 1 it's all over.'

'Erica carries on though, the referee walks to pull her away but pauses as he draws near, Kaley explodes! our camera woman on the ball with an immediate close up for you.'

'Well we've all been truly blessed with a sight here, thank you Erica Durance for your wit and creativity here today! I'm too stunned and excited to speak, we'll be back for our co main event after this.'


'Welcome back once again to Celebrity Fight Night, the only programme that brings to you all your favourite female celebrities going head to head in middle of this very ring and it's live!'

'Let's get straight into meeting our two next combatants:

First up is another veteran of the ring tonight, Trish Stratus, with pre experience of wrestling behind when Trish co-founded the sport she took it by storm, taking part in forty seven matches and winning them all by spanking submission, Trish has a tactic and she sticks to it. Mel B on the other hand is an up and comer of the sport, she has taken part in thirteen matches and is so far undefeated. She has won two by making her opponent squirt, four by the oral stopclock, five by the spanking stop clock and three by mixed submissions.


8.7 / 8.6


5 ft 5 / 5 ft 5


38 / 39


47-0-0 / 13-0-0

'This next match looks set to be just as entertaining as all the other so far, for the first time though we have two individuals come up against each other with equal body weight.'

'Yes that's true, neither are frail. But you have to expect that Trish will pick up the victory here with her wrestling background and she's been so dominant so far in CFN. I can't imagine Mel B otherwise known as Scary Spice will be much of a fright for Trish, but I hope i'm wrong Patricia.'

'Well, we're about to find out as Carmen gives out her instructions to the two competitors.'

'The bell's a quick start from Trish, who rushed forward and grabbed Mel B around the waist and from behind and tackled her down to the floor.'

'Yes, she's received a slight warning from the referee there for almost excessive force, but Carmen is letting her continue in the same hold. Trish is on her back, with her legs wrapped around Mel B's waist, and one arm holding her arms in place.'

'She's just trying to get her other arm free I think, i wonder if you will try to finger her, it seems unlikely that she'll be able to smack her bottom.'

'Mel B is wriggling all over, Trish's grip is strong. Her right arm is going down Mel B's front...and.....they're there. Trish is rubbing Mel B's pussy quite quickly. Mel should be ok for a minute or so but if she racks up two minutes consecutive then it's over anyway, so she needs to find an answer.'

'Yeah, we're twenty seconds in on the consecutive clock, Mel hasn't made any motion to get out of it just yet. She appears to have gone limp.'

'I'm not sure if she's playing possum or if she's just given up, but either way Trish has loosened up her grip and is just freely finger bashing her as she likes.'

'And just like that! Mel B flips Trish over onto her front, Mel jumps at her, pulls her to her knee, Trish is fighting her, but Mel...locks her legs in place with her right knee. Trish is in Mel's lap, with Mels right leg laid over both of Trish's and Trish's upper body is locked underneath Mel's left arm. Mel B's right arm is completely free and she's raining down smacks to Trish's bare bottom.'

'The waterworks are flying now Susanna, Trish is wailing in the centre of the ring.'

'She looks like she's completely stuck now, with no answer to this surprise attack from Mel B, what an upset this could be.'

'Trish's butt is looking quite pink now as Mel B approaches one minute of consectutive spanking, if Trish can't find an answer in the remaining minute then Mel B will be through to the next round.'

'Trish is trying real hard to free her arms from Mel B's grip, but the way they're positioned has made it hard for her.'

'Yeah she's moving them away from herself, it's alot harder to do. But she's broke one free!'

'Mel B, instantly regains her grip around the body, thirty seconds left, Trish has one hand free.'

'Another angle has shown us Trish has sent her free hand between her legs and it looks like, though we don't have a clear view, she's fingering Mel B again.'

'Twenty seconds left on the clock and Mel B looks as though she's struggling, she's let out a few moans. Trish's free arm is rapidly moving back and forth, it looks like she's doing wonders to Mel.'

'Mel has let go!'

'Mel has let go of Trish, who scurries across the ring on all fours.'

'That's a lovely sight Patricia, Trish's bottom is bright pink.'

'It is, Susanna. Mel B, is on her feet and flying towards her. Mel grabs Trish, she slides to her knee's, pulls Trish by the waist and over she goes, she's got her gripped with her left arm again, and Mel is spanking Trish again!'

'The clock is back on, and reset to 0, can Mel keep Trish in place again for another two minutes.'

'You have to think that Mel is the favourite now, Trish seems to just want to get away from the pop star.'

'Trish is full on crying, her arms and legs are kicking everywhere. Mel has a firm enough grip on her though.'

'30 seconds on the clock and Mel is still spanking Trish.'

'Yes, Trish's bottom is looking a little darker now, I'm wondering if she might even give in.'

'Make no mistake people, Mel B isn't just tapping her bottom, these smacks are making everyone jump every time they land they're that loud.'

'I can't stop wincing, i can't stop picturing my last spanking Patricia.'

'You're not alone Susanna.'

'One minute on the clock and the room is silent apart from the sound of Trish's cheeks getting slapped. Nobody was expecting this.'

'Trish, in one of her kickouts manages to find the ropes, she reaches out with her right arm and grabs it, and she's wrapped her right leg over it too.'

'Yes, she's trying to pull her self over towards it.'

'She's doing it too, you can see Mel leaning further forward, she's desperately spanking Trish now with thirty seconds left on the clock. Trish has done it! she's dragged herself over the bottom rope, her bottom is facing the audience now away from the Mel, the clock has stopped. Trish get's to her feet against the ropes outside the ring, Mel approaches trying to grab the former WWE Diva.'

'What a counter!'

'Trish lunged out and grabbed Mel's hand, yanking her forwards, Mel toppling forward over the top rope, she's hanging over the rope now, and Trish has climbed on top of her.'

'That can't be comfortable for Mel, Trish's weight is pushing her against the top rope, just above her muff.'

'Trish doesn't care Patricia, she wants revenge. With nothing to stop her, Trish is using both hands and batting down on Mel's ass. The crowd are on their feet. There's no coming back from this surely!'

'Carmen has gone over to Mel, presumably to ask if she wants to give in, I believe they're required to do so if they have reason to believe that they can no longer defend themselves.'

'Carmen waves Trish on, not that she needed any encouragement. On the angle we have, we can see Trish's butt and it's bright red.'

'We've got one minute left on the clock and Trish is hammering her palms down onto Mel's butt, it's hard to tell so far how red Mel's butt would be going by the natural shade of her skin, but you have to imagine that it would be glowing.'

'You're right Susanna, I hope I'm never on the receiving end of one of Trish's spankings, I feel sorry for anyone who is, has or ever will.'

'Carmen is approaching Mel with thirty seconds on the clock....and Carmen has signalled for the bell, Trish Stratus has made it an unbelievable forty eight victories in her CFN career and she moves onto the next round.'

'You have to feel for Mel B there though Susanna, she put up a brave fight and one of the competitors had to get their first loss, I'm sure she will be absolutely devastated by this loss especially from submitting.'

'Trish though, a consumate professional, gives Mel B a hug, she looks to be consoling her. They're comparing tans and laughing about it, it's nice to see such camaraderie, I don't like this new attitude of further humilation to your opponent after you have beaten them by making them your bitch.'

'It seems to part of the sport now Susanna, but i'm also glad to see Trish responding in such a nice way. Well we'll be right back for our final fight of the evening in what is set to be a cracker...we hope.'


'Welcome back to the final match of tonights Celebrity Fight Night special, the tournament which brings to you every celebrity you like going head to head until there is one remaining, the all time celebrity champion. In our final fight of the evening we have two contestants, randomly drawn out as all matches are who have a background with each other as co actresses in the show of Dexter.'

'Yes, it will be interesting to see what the emotions will be like in this fight Patricia, I believe they are on friendly terms, I wonder if that will be shown tonight.'

'Well if they want to win tonight, they will be smart to put aside there feelings and get on with trying to beat each other.'

'Let's have a look at their CFN histories:

Yvonne Strahovski, a tall thin blonde who uses her long legs and excellent weapons to wrap around her opponents. Yvonne's trademark move is on her back with her opponents laid on top of her facing up, Yvonne wraps her legs around her opponents and holds their arms together while she usually targets the clitoris with her free hand. Yvonne has won four of her twenty one matches, she has also drawn three but none of which have gone her favour in the sudden death. Yvonne has been victim of many spankings, eleven of which she has submitted to, and three have gotten her on the spanking clock. She also has one single loss to Janine Lindemulder who forced her down on her for two minutes.

Jennifer Carpenter has had fewer matches than Yvonne totalling seventeen, she has won only three of them, all three were by forcing her opponent to squirt. Her most famous victory was over Stephanie McMahon who she managed to bring to a climax while she was over Steph's knee. She has lost nine matches by spanking submission, one by anal submission and four from various stop clocks.


9.3 / 8.3


5 ft 10 / 5 ft 8


32 / 34


4-3-15/ 3-0-14

'The stats don't really stand out to me Patricia about who's going to win, but if I had to chose, I'd go with Yvonne Strahovski. I've been impressed with her when she's come up against opponents in her weight range, she's been dominated by much stronger opponents and it's been a joy to watch but i've also seen her dominate herself.'

'Yes, I have to agree, I think Yvonne will just edge this one, but I think we can hope with some degree of expectancy that this will be a close affair.'

'Carmen gives out her final instructions of the evening....and the bell sounds. The girls are circling around the ring, looking for an opening. Yvonne is leaning in, using her long legs to get close to Jennifer.'

'She's leaning in so far towards her, I'm not sure what she's doing, she looks off balance.'

'Yvonne makes a grab for Jennifer's hair, that's a dirty but completely legal move.'

'I've been saying for months that hair pulling should be outlawed.'

'Yvonne has Jennifer by the hair, we can see now why she was leaning in so much, all she needed was a grasp of hair and she has Jennifer now following her as she drags her head. Jennifer is slightly cocked at the neck. She doesn't look happy at all. She's speeding up, and she tackles Yvonne to the floor.'

'Carmen intervenes, she splits them're not allowed to do this in CFN to try and make the matches more even, otherwise the stronger competitors could just throw the likes of Yvonne and Jennifer around and then they wouldn't be able to compete.'

'Carmen has instructed us that Jennifer has had ten seconds taken off any stop clocks that may be used.'

'It was a stupid decision and it's fully deserved, Yvonne would be foolish now not to try and take advantage of that.'

'Carmen has them both on their feet, Yvonne offers out a hand of apology.'

'Oh that's cold, Jennifer swipes it away and immediately jumps at her, she get's round the back of her, with her hands around her waist. Her right arm is straight down to Yvonne's pussy and in, you can see the immediate effect on Yvonne, her heads tilted back and she's struggling to resist the temptation to let go and enjoy it.'

'But there are two clocks up now on the big screen! Yvonne must have slipped her hand back to Jennifer and slipped her fingers in without us noticing. And notice Patricia, that Jennifer is on 18 seconds and Yvonne has fingered her for thirteen seconds, but with the ten second penalty on Jennifer, if they carry on it's Yvonne who will win. Jennifer, will either have to stop Yvonne, or break the hold and try again.'

'She has, she's stepped back.'

'Both competitors facing each other again, this one has turned slightly sour and definitely personal.'

'Jennifer runs at Yvonne, Yvonne skips to the side, throws out a knee! Jennifer topples over it! Yvonne is spanking Jennifer now. Five seconds, she's landed about twelve. Jennifer doing her best to wriggle off her leg, Yvonne is trying to pin her left arm behind her back.'

'You would think if she locks that in Jennifer could be in trouble.'

'There's a struggle going on now, Yvonne still spanking her though, thirty two seconds on the clock.'

'Jennifer's bottom, not looking very pink, Yvonne isn't landing very hard smacks, she seems more concerned with keeping the clock going until she can pin her..'

'Jennifer breaks the hold and rolls off onto the floor onto all fours.'

'Yvonne lightening quick jumps behind her and puts her hands underneath Jennifers chest holding her tits and lifts her up, she falls backwards pulling Jennifer on top of her and locks her legs around Jennifer's! She's got her in her hold. Her arms shoots down Jennifer's stomach to her clit and instantly starts flicking it straight away.'

'The close up on their faces tells the story, Yvonne's a look of determination and anger. Jennifer a look of helplessness and ecstasy.'

'The clock is up once more on the screen just passing ten seconds, though from the look on Jennifer's face it doesn't look like we'll reach it. She's going to cum any second. She's got one hand free, she moves it down to her crotch but she can't dislodge Yvonne from her, she's shaking too much. She slips it down her side, and she's trying to roll onto her side. Yvonne leans abit with her, she's spoons up right behind her now. Jennifer slips her hand over Yvonne's butt cheeks, Yvonne bucks forward, Jennifer has put a finger in her bum, Yvonne yelps and tries to crawl away from Jennifer who crawls forwards with her finger inside Yvonne. Yvonne now, laying flat on her front, tries to roll over, Jennifer puts a knee on her back and angles her body to face Yvonne's butt. She pulls out her finger.'

'I think it was more a move of desperation than anything, I don't think anal is something Jennifer will do often.'

'It was very effective.'

'It was indeed. Jennifer, now freely smacking Yvonne's bottom. Yvonne unable to offer any resistance. Lays flat on her front, her stomach pinned down by Jennifer's knee, the right cheek of her face squashed into the matt by Jennifer's left hand, the right one slapping her cheeks repeatedly.'

'And Jennifer is able to get much more pace and strength behind this spanking than Yvonne was, you can see now at thirty eight seconds that her bottom is getting a bit pink.'

'This has been a great match so far Patricia, but I have to wonder if this will be it.'

'It's not looking good for Yvonne Susanna.'

'We're approaching the minute marker, Yvonne started to produce a few tears, her bottom now an obvious pink.'

'She's wriggling about a bit, there's still abit of life in her. She twists, she's totally twisted round now onto her back. Jennifer still able to pin her down with her knee, but this time it's on her stomach. She immediately pushes her fingers inside Yvonne's dripping pussy'

'Yes just look how wet she is, she could cum any second. Carmen is keeping a very close eye on her below to see if she cums.'

'She wants to fight back but Jennifer did an excellent job of countering Yvonne by grabbing her arms as soon as she rolled over, they're crossed across her breasts and she's pushing down with her left arm. She might not hold it for long, but it might be long enough to make her squirt.'

'You can see Yvonne's eyes rolling back, she's on the brink of an explosion.'

'Jennifer, sensing the end, releases her knee and moves closer, she's pushes a hand towards her clit and starts rubbing rapidly while she thrusts her two fingers deep in and out of her pussy.'

'Yvonne is screaming, she's clearly climaxing but she hasn't squirted yet, it's defintetly coming, her thighs are shaking vigoruously, she's lost control of her body. '

'And oh! My God! The will power behind that, Yvonne out of nowhere springs her upper body up grabs hold of Jennfer, puts her arms right around pinning her arms to her sides and falls backwards stilling holding on for dear life.'

'Jennifer, desperately trying to wiggle free so she can finish her off, Yvonne though, holding on with all the strength she can manage. She's probably one thrust away from drenching the canvas.'

'Yvonne is taking all the time she can to recover, she's not interested in mounting any offence. She was so close to cumming, the amount of will power behind that move is staggering, anyone would have given up and laid back and enjoyed that, that's truly amazing.'

'Carmen now, orders both competitors back to their feet, no action happening there for thirty seconds.'

'She waves them to continue.'

'Yvonne's legs looking rather unstable and her bottom rather pink. She's trying to walk but she's definitely weak in the knee's.'

'Jennifer has seen it, she looks tired but she can sense that the end could be near.'

'Jennifer steps forward, Yvonne steps back but collapses! Jennifer shoots towards her, Yvonne turns over, she's on all fours. Jennifer gets behind her and tries to put Yvonne's move on her, she's stood behind her, with her hands wrapped around her chest from behind, she's looks ready to rock back onto the floor.'

'Yvonne though, grabs her arm and pulls her over her shoulder, Jennifer toppling over Yvonne's body, her head falling straight into Yvonne's dripping pussy!'

'What a turn around this could be! You cannot win by making your opponent squirt by licking them out, and if your head is forced into an opponents pussy, you have to lick them out until you can free yourself.'

'Carmen reminds Jennifer of the rules, who reluctantly sticks her tongue into her pussy.'

'Yvonne doesn't look satisfied though, she's desperate to cum, she got her right hand pressed against the back of Jennifer's head, burying her face in her snatch. As she's got her other hand holding on to Jennifer's back. Jennifer, is bent over Yvonne's shoulder, her stomach lying directly over her right shoulder. Yvonne is sat upright with her head tilted back, the look on her face is amazing. Her eyes are starting to roll back again, she's moaning so the whole audience can hear. Jennifer must be sensing she's about to cum and she looks to be shaking trying to free herself. Yvonne's whole body is shivering, we've switched angles now to try and get a look at Yvonne's snatch. Her hips jerk upwards, and the juices are flowing! Jennifer coughs and splutters a bit as she get's a mouthful.'

'She needs to be aware of the clock, she's got about thirty seconds to free herself, because even though Yvonne has squirted, she's could still run out the oral stop clock.'

'Jennifer manages to stand upright! Yvonne, seemingly having no energy to hold her in place, she falls down onto her side.'

'Jennifer wipes Yvonne's juices from her mouth and kneels down next to Yvonne's butt. She then scoops up her rear and puts Yvonne down over her knees as she sits on the back of her own legs. Jennifer then resumes slapping Yvonne's bottom, who doesn't seem to have any fight in her whatsoever.'

'It was a nice idea getting Jennifer to make her squirt so she couldn't lose that way, but I think she underestimated how much strength it takes out of you.'

'You can see from this angle, that her eyes are closed and she doesn't even look like she knows that she's being spanking.'

'And, she's definitely being spanked, Jennifer is really going at her bottom.'

'Carmen squats down in front of her, and lightly taps her face. There's no movement, she holds up her arm and drops it, the hand drops straight down to the matt. Carmen taps her face with her palm a little bit harder, Yvonne stirs. She looks a little dazed.'

'And in the space of about five seconds of waking up she went from looking dazed to completely bawling her eyes out, her legs and arms are flying everywhere, Jennifer grabs one, pins it behind her, she is hitting her bottom at what appears to be her full strength. The camera has gone back to her bottom now and it's red. There's thirty seconds left on the clock, we're seven minutes and forty eight seconds into the match up.'

'Yvonne has found energy we didn't think she had, she's wriggling everywhere, Jennifer is starting to look a little unbalanced. But she's still hitting her with such force. Yvonne rocks to the left and to the right, Jennifer falls backwards slightly, Yvonne twists and slips off Jennifer's knees, Yvonne now laid on her side on the floor, Jennifer still connects with her bottom though. Jennifer jumps forwards, sits on her back, she's got her, she slaps her bottom like a drum with both hands once, twice, three times the crowd are chanting, 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0!'

'And Jennifer has won! Jennifer Carpenter falls back in pure exhaustion, with her left arm in the air pointing to the ceiling. The camera woman jumps into the ring and gets a shot down on her face and she is smiling from ear to ear. She switches to Yvonne and she's laid on her side sobbing, her bottom is very red.'

'Carmen lifts Jennifer to her feet and raises her hand in the air as the crowd cheer, they're ecstatic with what they've just witnessed here tonight, what a great finale to a great night.'

'Carmen has a few words with Jennifer, Carmen leaves the ring, Jennifer looks bemused. Carmen grabs a chair and a microphone, placing the chair in the middle of the ring..................'

'Oh yes, of course. In addition to losing ten seconds from her stop clock, she also gains a ten second spanking. Carmen sits on her chair and puts a very tired Jennifer over her knee. And...tries to fit in as many spanks as she can as the crowd chant her through it. I think that must have been about fifty she got in there, and Jennifer's bottom, seemingly fine after the match is now a light shade of pink.'

'I'm now going to have a few words with her...........................................'

'Jennifer, Jennifer you must be delighted with your performance tonight.'

'Fuck me Patricia, that was fucking intense,'

'Please mind your language Jennifer.'

'Fuck, sorry, oh i'm sorry!'

'What did you think of Yvonne's performance?'

'I thought she made it clear early on how she wanted to fight tonight, so I gave it back.'

'Yes you shocked many members of the audience tonight but penetrating her butt, was that a move of desperation?'

'Yeah, i'm fucking sorry Yvonne, i just didn't want to lose.'

'How far do you think you can get in this tournament?'

'Well, unless i'm mistaken i think my record is now 4 wins and 14 losses, and I think, if I keep coming out here with all my heart and passion to win, then I can turn that record around and fucking win this thing!'

'Well, good luck to you Jennifer, commiserations Yvonne, I'm Patricia Heaton, thank you to my co-host Susanna Thompson, we've been your commentators tonight, have a good night everyone and we hope you tune in for our next event Brie VS Bullock (Round 1)