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Playboy Celeb Fakes Part 2

Connie Britton

Heather Locklear

Lisa Edelstein

 Elizabeth Mitchell

Reese Witherspoon

Stana Katic

Susanna Thompson

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Fantasy Land Chronicles - Part 8 - Let Them Eat Jake


Jennifer Morrison

Lisa Edelstein

Anne Dudek

Eliza Coupe


Jake groaned as the harsh sunlight broke through the eye lid barrier, he shuffled to shield his face but felt pain in a variety of places. His breathing was hindered by the pain in his ribs, a pain he had felt before after a game of rugby with his friends back home. He'd been running down the right flank, on the verge of scoring the final blow to an already flattering scoreline when his brother had crunched him out of frustration, braking three of his ribs. This time, it felt like more than three.
His mouth was completely dry, he scraped around his mouth with his tongue trying to moisten it but there was nothing there, he was devoid of fluid.
'Water,' he croaked, eyes glued shut.
'Jake, you're awake!' A voice called from across the room.
Jake couldn't see her but listened as she turned on a tap, filling a cup. He heard the faint sound of her feet walking to the side of him.
'Here you go, you must be so thirsty.'
She held the cup to his lips, he tried to guzzle it down but she withdrew it.
'Slowly Jake, just sip it.'
He didn't understand why he couldn't down the whole thing but he was too tired to argue. He sipped slowly at the cup until it was empty. It was the most delicious drink he'd ever had.
'More,' he groaned.
'Sure Jake,' He heard her walk away and turn the tap on again. He managed to pry open his left eye, he looked down the room, his vision was completely blurred. The closer she came the clearer his vision became, he looked up from the light blue scrubs, covering her slim and averaged height legs to her white tank top, partially hidden behind her blonde slightly curled hair. Only when she held the cup again to his mouth, did he make out that it was Jennifer Morrison.
'Hey you,' she said softly, holding the cup to his lips.
'Hey,' he gargled. He felt like his health had raised from nothing to one percent.
She smiled at him, it made him feel better somehow. He had always gotten on well with her and was pleased that she was the one here when he woke. She leant down, he could see down her blouse, it made him happier to see her small perky breasts beneath her shirt. She kissed him, holding his lips with hers for a few seconds. When she released he kept his eyes shut for a moment, then opened them to see her beautiful hazel blue eyes staring at him with her lovely smile, naked from the waist up wearing only her panties.

They kissed again, he tried to take down her panties with his hand but he was too weak, he groaned as he lightly tugged on her waistband, she quickly slipped out of them. He slid his hand between her legs and softly stroked her slightly furry pussy. He felt the familiar blonde landing strip, and the blonde bristles surrounding her lips as he slipped his finger down her slit and inside her. She moaned softly in his ear, laying at his side on the bed, careful not to put any pressure on his body. She slid her own hand down and gently began to tug on his large erect cock.
The feeling was too good for him to handle, he stopped his work with his own hand and let his body go limp. Jennifer kissed him as she sped up her hand, quickly jerking his cock. He lay his head back completely but before he go do anything, he drifted back off to sleep, too exhausted to stay with her. Jennifer had no option but to continue, Jake wouldn't even know that she took him in her mouth aswell and sucked him until he came. For it was her turn and if she didn't do it for Jake then he would turn into the very monsters that he hunted down and saved her from because that's how it started for them, everyone was infected. When an infected man went a certain amount of time without ejaculating then he became enraged, so much to the extent that he loses his mind and becomes primal. The same affects are found in women but not as extreme, a large increase in sex drive but nothing dangerous, the men however were deadly. The women here in the complex were completely and utterly reliant on Jake to survive, but more than that, the majority of them liked him, some even loved him. After all, he had saved every single one of them from life outside of the walls that protected them, so she knelt on all fours, hovering over his cock as he slept soundly, sucking him dry.

Jake woke up again around noon the next day, he felt a little less tired but equally in as much pain. He had cried out for water again expecting Jennifer to bring it to him but she wasn't there, instead he found Sarah Lancaster sat down, watching him sleep.

Though he was sad that Jen wasn't there, he was pleased to see Sarah too. They enjoyed a nice kiss and a cuddle for a while before Sarah went down on him, he even managed to stay awake until he came and fell asleep exhausted again.

Jake continued to rest for a few days, the next day he had woken up he managed to eat something. The day after that he stayed awake for a couple of hours at a time and even stayed up to have a chat with some of the girls who cared for him. Over the next week of recovery he was visited by a number of friendly faces who came to lend a hand in more ways than one. The majority of them were workers at the hospital but some came to see him because they cared enough to.

Elizabeth brought a bit of fruit with her to work and gave him his first meal before gently riding him until he came inside her. The two of them had been trying for a baby before he had gone on a rescue mission and his near death experience had given her a sense of urgency. He had made a mental note to smack her bottom when he was fit for putting him through the pain of it, although he did enjoy the unusual berry blowjob she gave him.

And in the same day, Sarah Chalke had gotten a nice surprise when she came on shift, perhaps it had been the first meal he'd had in days but with a small slice of energy he had managed to make her climax after she had given him his blowjob. She herself even nodded off for a while when they were done.

Later on in the evening Jake began to dream he was spanking Elizabeth for being so inconsiderate of his pain earlier. She was was lying over his knee as he was sat on a high stool. Her trousers were down to her knees and the black lingerie she wore offered no protection. He was lightly spanking her, enough for them both to enjoy but also for her to be punished. Her bottom looked to be turning a light shade of pink. But then totally out of character, he started hitting her harder and harder and her screams began to echo around the room. He didn't understand, he didn't want to hurt her so much, this wasn't how he did things. She screamed and begged him to stop but the sounds just grew louder.

His eyes snapped open. His vision was blurry but he could hear a loud back and forth of shouting and screaming, a girl was crying. Behind the voices was the perpetual and unmistakable sound of someone's hand connecting with someone's bottom. His eyes began to come too and he sat up, looking down the room.

He saw the chief of the hospital Lisa Edelstein spanking Anne Dudek, a resident doctor. He was still too weak to do anything about it so he lay and watched.
'You're not getting out of Jake duty,'
'Ow, I..I wasn't get out of it.'
'If I hadn't have been here, he may have become something horrible,'
'I'm sorry,' Anne pleaded.
'What were you even doing that was more important than making sure he didn't turn into a enraged freak?'
'I over slept, i'm sorry!'
''re saying that you nearly caused the inevitable death of everyone living here because you fancied an extra few hours of beauty sleep?'
'Ow ow ow!' Anne cried as she continued to have her bottom smacked extremely hard. 'I said i'm sorry!'
Jake no longer had sympathy for her, he had instructed the importance to everyone that he was relieved every couple of hours. They understood what would happen to him and therefore them if he turned. This woman had been given the responsibility of looking after him and she couldn't be bothered to turn up. He remembered carrying her unconscious body out of a burning building overwhelmed with fuck heads, he had suffered severe burns and broken his leg rescuing her. One blowjob, even a measly hand job to ensure the safety and well being of an entire camp of women and the man who saved her didn't seem like a great ask. He watched Lisa until he fell asleep, as he closed his eyes, he heard her say something that he didn't understand.
'What year of school are you in?'
'Ow! Year..ow..19,'
'So you must be pleased that you have two more years left until you are finished?' Lisa asked, smacking Anne's bottom.
'Yes! Ow! Please!'
'Well congratulations, you're now in year 15.'
He couldn't understand it but no longer had the energy to stay awake.

Jake came too in the morning then next day, he felt much stronger now. So much so that he willed himself to sit up in hes bed and rest his back against the wall. He had no idea how long he had been ridden but over the last few days he had familiarized himself with his injuries. He'd broken his nose, four ribs, his wrist, fractured his skull and broken his little toe. Not bad he thought to himself.
'I hope Michelle was fucking worth it,' He smirked
He knew that she came with an irreversible attitude but he liked her anyway, she probably would never like him but who cares, she's safe now anyway. If 1/5 girls liked him, he'd be happy. Jake had left a few months ago, on what he hoped would be his last rescue voyage out of the walls. They had become more independent of food and water supplies thanks to his efforts and he didn't need to go out raiding houses for supplies anymore. He had more women that he could handle too it would seem.
Something was bugging him. What Lisa had said, although he wasn't sure if he had dreamed it either. Asking Anne what year she was in school? It made no sense, what school? Jake had no idea how old Anne was anyway but suspected she was in her late thirties. He must have dreamed it. Then, while he was confused over that, it was nearly as frustrating as wondering why no one had been there to collect him when he arrived from the rescue, he needed to find out what had happened. Slowly, painfully and pitifully he got to his feet, using the headboard as a rest to lever himself up.
He let go. For a second he seemed to be ok. Until he collapsed.
'OW!' Jake yelled, 'Bastard, ow. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Ow'
His face was pushed against the floor, his nose pressured against the hard surface, pain shooting through his nerves. A voice called from the door.
'You know, most people find beds comfier to sleep on.' Eliza Coupe teased.
'The floor helps my posture,' Jake joked through his pain.
' want a hand their big guy?'
'Nah, just get me the latest issue of vogue and a mango and i'll be happy.'
Eliza laughed.
'Yeah ok there tough guy, come on.'
She came over to him and gripped him softly by the waist. While she couldn't really give him any help whatsoever in strength, her words of encouragement and her touch seemed to power him through enough to collapse back onto his bed.
'There ya go big buy,' Eliza said, tapping him on the shoulder, 'here let me check on you.'
Eliza inspected a few of his wounds, the whole thing had Jake a bit confused, Eliza was an actress not a doctor.
'Where did you learn how to do this?' Jake asked.
Eliza ignored the question for as long as she could but Jake just kept staring at her.
' act it out for long enough, you start to pick up a few things.'
'I guess.' Jake replied unsatisfied, 'you just seem to really know what you're doing.'
'What can I say? I just pick things up well.'
'What aren't you telling me? Is there some sort of school? Why wasn't anyone there when I got back?' Jake started firing questions at her.
'You need to rest.'
'Tell me!' Jake shouted, clearly in pain.
Eliza jerked forwards and kissed him, he struggled for a moment but then gave in, kissing her back. Eliza wasted no time grabbing hold of his cock and tugging it quickly as they tongue wrestled each other sloppily. She hopped onto the bed, letting go of him and lifted her top over her head, Jake raised a hand up to her chest and grabbed hold of her small pert breast. She dropped forwards and kissed him on the chest, kissing him down and down and down until she was over his cock and then took him in her mouth. He placed his hands behind his head, laying back with his eyes closed. She felt so good, he had been a little taken aback by the sudden advances of her, their relationship had always been more a friendly joking nature. Sure, they had banged a couple of times but never as passionately as this and she sure as hell had never sucked his cock before. And then as soon as he heard it he knew, she had tricked him. He heard a clang of metal and felt the coldness clasp around his wrist, he rattled his arm against the steel of the bed post and yelled.
'It's for your own good Jake,' Lisa Edelstein explained cautiously backing away.Eliza had gotten off the bed to safety beside her, Jake was left with his unbroken left wrist handcuffed to the end of the bed.
'Oh come on!' Jake complained, 'what the hell?'
'Last time you were here we told you how long you needed to rest for and you completely ignored us. Well i'm not having it this time, you are staying in that bed until I say and that's all there is too it.'
'You are going to get your bottom smacked Lisa,' Jake warned.
'Ooo I hope so,' Lisa winked, turned around and slapped her bottom, walking out of the room.
'Well..this is awkward.' Eliza broke the silence. 'Wanna bang?'
Jake stared a hole in her, picturing the spanking he was going to give her.
Eliza bent down and pulled over her scrub bottoms and climbed onto the bed.

Eliza leant forward and kissed him again, then rocked backwards onto her butt, lifting her legs up in the air she slipped her knickers down and up her legs flinging them away. She lay between his legs facing him, her legs spread out at either side. He stared between her thighs, struggling to stay mad at her.
'It's ok if you're angry,' Eliza said, twisting onto her knee's, 'angry sex is better.'
Eliza leaned forward and lightly bit his nipple, it gave him a sharp pain. He growled as she lowered herself down onto his cock slowly. As he felt the wet and warmth smother his manhood, he wanted to grab her tight and fuck her with all his might. But his free wrist was was broken, he wasn't used to not being in control, it frustrated him as he watched her slowly rock herself up and down on his aching cock. She stared deep into his eyes, moaning softly as she rode him. He just about managed to thrust his hips rhythmically to regain some control. She seemed to like it and sped up her own own movement in time with his, she dropped her chest onto his, it caused him pain but the touch of her breasts pushing up against his body and the touch of her breath on his neck seemed to numb the pain. He rested his limp wrist on her back and tried to thrust with all his might, deep inside her her and fast. She started to shake, her moans became high pitched squeals, she gripped his shoulders tight and buried her face in shoulder.He felt her climax, he slowly rocked his hips to a stop. There was no sound but for long elongated breaths and the touch of her heartbeat pounding against his aching chest. After a few minutes of resting Jake broke the silence reulctantly.

'I don't want to spoil the moment Eliza but you know I need to cum right?'
Eliza sprung her chest upright she she was vertical once more, kneeling on his crotch.
'I love it when you talk so romantic to me.'
'I'm like a modern day Romeo,now suck my cock then make me a sandwich.'
'Oh yeah,' Eliza smirked 'anything else you want while i'm at it?'
'A beer and the keys to these handcuffs yeah.'
'In your dreams,' Eliza grinned sliding off him to the foot of the bed.
'Oh come on, I've been through hell, I'm not asking much here.'
'Hey, whiny, do you want your freaking beer or not?'
'..mmm yes.'
'Then shut up and let me grab you one.'
Jake had no option but to lay there and wait, he wasn't happy at all about his situation but the prospect of a nice cold beer cushioned it. Eliza had been gone about ten minutes, Jake had started and then reached the point of being angry by the time she had arrived. But after some witty exchanges of insults Jake grabbed the beer in his handcuffed hand, it was a struggle for him to drink from it but he just about managed. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Eliza dropped down the bed to his crotch and hovered over his cock. She caught his eye.
'Please, don't watch me and don't make a big thing out of it, just drink your fucking beer and shut up and enjoy it.'
Jake opened his mouth to speak.
'Erm, what did I just say, shut up drink your beer and look away.'
Jake did as he was told, a few seconds later he felt her lips around his cock once more. He relaxed for several minutes, sipping at his beer. Occasionally he sneaked a peek, she looked so focused and extremely cute. He loved how self conscious she was, she was one of the girls that he got on with the most, they had the most in common by far. He felt a little guilty about not letting on that he could pretty much cum whenever he wanted. The amount of sex a man has when he's infected is beyond belief and when that much is had you can bet your ass you start to pick up  a few things. He considered it someway towards her payback for getting him handcuffed. When he reached the bottom of his beer he came 'unexpectedly' down her throat. She made a bit of a deal out of it, coughing and spluttering insults at him but pretty much swallowed it all without any mess.
'Thanks babe,' he winked at her, 'now how about that sandwich.'


Endart Poetry Part 2

Unwelcomed Challenge

When your father is feeling tired,

but you beg him too umpire,

you're shouts and bawls

and questioning his calls,

will get your bottoms on fire.

Escape Plan

If you're bored of being in the sun,

shoplifting can be quite fun,

but please be aware,

if security is there,

then grab your stuff and run.

A guide to spanking

First, you lift up her gown,

then bring her panties down,

raise your hand in the air,

and smack her bare,

then continue to go to town.

Love at first fight
I caught her trying to steal,

and so I made her squeal,

but to my surprise,

looking into her eyes,

I fell, head over heel.

Procrastination - Leading by example

When I say the report is due,
I don't mean in hour or two.
Just like how, 
I'm spanking you now, 
Not later, Is this sinking through?

Honeymoon from Hell

While you vacation here,
the rules in my hostel are clear;
Fiancee nor groom,
no boys in your room,
or i'll tan your newly wed rear.

Trial and Error
You can scold her, shout and strip her,
spank, paddle and whip her,
But i'm yet to disprove,
the best way to improve,
her manners is via my slipper.

Midnight Mischief Maids
They had worked in many a home,
Stealing wherever they'd roam,
Until this day,
They had always got away,
Now their gig was blown.

Daughters from Hell

The girls were a complete nightmare,
he'd been forced to make them wear,
clothes with a flap,
so he could slap,
there butts as much as he could bear.

Taking a chance - A one sided affair

While out for a morning run,
she saw her neighbours loved one,
bent dropping her chest,
so he saw down her vest,
Her advances, he was having none.

Feigning ignorance
Only a sub or a fool,
would ignore the golden rule,
it's on every wall,
around the hall,
you don't dive in the pool.

Family Dinner

No matter how much time has passed,
Or how much wealth she's amassed.
when at home she is sat,
at her old place mat,
her father must never get sass.

Racist Accusations

Why is your bottom being whacked?
Maybe nearly having me sacked?
or scaring your teacher,
or flashing your preacher?
The issue of irrelevance is 'black'.