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The Birthday Girl

1 - Jennifer


Jennifer Morrison


Olivia Wilde

The first orange dots of sunrise broke through the curtains and scattered across the tidy and spacious double bedroom. Only soft simultaneous snoring and the gentle lapping of the shore could be heard as the two girls slept. Gradually the balls of light expanded their expedition, daring to venture into the darkness.  A patch of light grazed the edge of the nearest single bed and slowly crept up the purple sheets. 

Jennifer moaned, her slumber weakened by the bright light seeping through her eye lids. 
An aggressive wave crashed against a weathered rock and slowly her eyes began to open, her beautiful golden hair falling sideways across her face as she glanced at her clock. She stroked the hair away from her beautiful eyes that were as blue as the ocean that stirred her. 

She banged her fist against her pillow when her eyes came into focus. It was yet another hour before she needed to get out of bed, birthday or not Jennifer needed her sleep. Her eyelids closed once more, tightly locked. In the far corner of the bedroom the door handle turned discreetly, and light slowly enveloped the darkness. A large smothering shadow extinguished the light, tiptoeing into the room. A gigantic figure, generous in mass slowly crept into the room to the foot of Jennifer’s bed. It dropped down to it’s knee’s, dipping it’s head under the sheets and sliding up.

Jennifer’s eyes shot open as her bare legs were slowly parted. Her head rocked forward and saw a bulge in the sheets hovering above her waist. She moaned as a tongue took an elongated slide up the length of her wetness. She grasped a short head of hair in her right hand and bucked her hips up towards him.

‘Oh, Jake!’ She gasped quietly as his tongue twirled and twisted inside her.

She glanced consciously to her right to check Olivia was fast asleep. Her eyes closed in relief and pleasure. She crushed her pillow with her free hand and pushed his head down further inside her. His tongue flicked up, down and around her, she stifled her moans of pleasure. Arching her back, the sheets slipped down from her chest exposing her ample bosom to the gentle chill. Her nipples hardened at the touch as her skin surrendered to a swarm of goose pimples. She shivered softly and gripped the sheets at either side of her waist, her legs stretched out, her toes pointing forwards. 

Suddenly the pleasure erupted loudly from her as her body shook uncontrollably. Her legs clasped shut short of Jake’s head firmly attached to her below. Her hip bucked forwards towards him, as her legs shook. She bit her lip softly, stroking his head as he slowed down his tongue to a stop. She lay panting softly, his head buried beneath the sheets began to advance up towards her. His hands worked their was up beside her. A bead of sweat trickled between her bosom. 

His sandy blonde hair poked out from beneath the sheets and turned upwards, his charming smile stretched upon his young and handsome face. She lay a hand gently upon his cheek and stared into his matching blue eyes. She jolted upwards against the headboard and shifted down towards him, her lips pressing against his. His hand slid round to her back and gently guided her head back down onto the pillow. His stomach pushed between her legs and she parted them in and instant. His lips unlocked from hers and pressed against her neck as his large length entered her. She gasped. Slowly, he rocked his hips up and down, pushing himself further inside her, kissing her neck.

She wrapped her hands around his back, holding him tightly as he gently drove his full nine inches deep inside her. She couldn’t help but moan softly but casting nervous glances to Olivia every time she did.

His hips began to pick up speed, driving his cock deep inside her rhythmically. The little wooden bed began to shake, gently banging against the wall. Her moans started to get a little louder, she grabbed his head and kissed him to suppress herself. His thrusts became so hard that his legs left hers momentarily until his hips slammed against hers, almost withdrawing his full length each time he pulled back every split second. She drove her nails involuntarily into his skin, making him thrust harder. Their tongues danced round each other until she could hold it no more. 

‘Oh!’ She gasped breaking lips, ‘I’m coming!’ 

He thrust deep and hard into her slowly for a few moments more while she climaxed beneath him. She gripped him tightly as she panted into his neck. On his final thrust, he shot his load within and collapsed on top of her, his head falling onto the pillow beside her. They lay for a few moments, chests moving in unison at they caught their breath. She lay and watched him wondering if he was asleep. She glanced behind her and saw a motionless Olivia. She turned back to face him and his eyes were open. He smiled. She pushed forward and kissed him. 

He grabbed her by the waist and rolled onto his back, lifting her into air and down over his crotch, facing away from him. She glanced back at him as he shuffled up the bed against the head board, keeping hold of her. She placed her hands on his firm ripped stomach and gently guided his stiffness back inside her. His hands grasped at her cheeks as they bounced slowly up and down. Her legs knelt either side of his waist, springing up and down as she lifted her thighs from her calf’s to ride his length at her own pace.

She revelled in the control, she had always enjoyed being more dominant in previous relationships. Slowly she rocked herself up and down his shaft, keeping herself stable by pressing against his firm abs. She moved her fingers over the gaps between then, just the touch of them drove her wild. It had been a year since his last visit, exactly one year ago. 

Jennifer glanced to her left this time and then back. She glanced again quickly not realising the bed was empty. Where was Olivia? Struck with panic she snapped her head back and flooded with anger as she saw her naked bosom smothering his chest and her long brown hair concealing his face.

Quickly she jumped from his body and stepped off the bed. She grabbed a handful of Olivia’s hair and pulled her away from his face, kneeling her on the floor as she stood naked before her.

‘Hey!’ Olivia protested, checking her hair.

‘Get out!’ Jennifer yelled.

‘Jen, come on,’ Jake gestured for her to rejoin him.

‘No Jake, it’s my birthday, it’s not fair.’

‘Oh come on Jen, let me join you.’ Olivia gave her puppy dog eyes.

‘No Olivia, get out,’ Jennifer persisted.

Olivia stood up in a huff and gathered her pyjamas together then slammed the door behind her as she left.

Jennifer hopped back onto the bed and sat back of him, this time facing him. She pushed her hands up his stomach to his matching hill like chest and pushed herself back down, taking him inside her once more. She started to gently rock again, bouncing lightly up and down. She stared at him with his head laid back on pillow, hands clasped on both of her butt cheeks enjoying every second. But the moment seemed to have gone for her and she couldn’t escape a thought that overwhelmed her.

‘Do you think she’s prettier than me?’ Stopping her movement.

‘What?’ Jake replied looking up at her. 

‘Do you think Olivia is prettier than I am?’

‘What do you mean?’ 

Jennifer’s blood began to boil slightly at this obvious evasions.

‘It’s a simple question Jake, do you think Olivia is prettier than me?’

‘No of course not,’ he assured her, ‘I think you’re all beautiful.’

Jennifer stepped off him and sat on the edge of the bed looking away from him. She felt so angry, she missed being romanced properly. She knew Olivia was attractive and she knew that Jake was the only man in the new world. But she still wanted to be seen as the only woman he desired. She felt him sitting up and he moved across the bed to sit behind her, his legs coming down either side of her own and his body pushed up against her bottom and back. She made to get up but his left arm wrapped softly around her stomach and his right hand gently massaged her shoulder as he kissed her up her left shoulder to her neck. 
‘I can’t go around saying that I think some girls are more beautiful than others, as upsetting as that might be to you, imagine how someone might feel if they overheard me say that.’ 

His words, logical or not just didn’t sooth her. She turned her head away from his.

‘Bur Jennifer, look at me,’ he demanded, she turned and their eyes met. ‘I promise you with all my heart, there is nowhere i would rather be and no person i would rather be with, than right here with you now.’ 

She looked into his eyes and saw sincerity with in and it warmed her heart. She knew she could never be enough for him, this plague that had spread among men had driven them sexually mad. Jake was only half way there before he managed to stop the spread fully to himself, but his sex drive was still unmanageable for one woman. He needed to release between ten to fifteen times a day and even though the plague had affected women’s sex drives too, it was still way to much for her. All she wanted was a bit of romance when the time came along and Olivia had ruined that but at least he had his moment to take her off her feet.

She stepped onto her feet and turned around, lifting her left leg up over his left and her right over his right. Sitting on his lap, facing him she kissed her way up his chest to his face as he gently lowered her back on to his cock. Together they bounced in unison driving him inside her, her hands rested on top of his strong shoulders. His hand cupped beneath her bottom, lifting her up and down him. 

His head buried into her bosom, she moaned as he gently bit her nipple. She grasped tightly to his head and rode him faster and faster, using this firmness of his head and neck to lift herself up and down quickly in his lip. Her legs wrapped around his lower back, her bottom always hovering in the air. She bit her lip and stifled a moan and then let herself go, seeing Olivia’s empty bed.

‘Oh! Oh! Yes!’ 

She felt herself coming closer to another climax and jumped a little as he jolted her into the air. She felt more excited as all the weight left her and she hung in the air lifted only by his hands beneath her butt. She kept her legs wrapped around his waist and locked her hands around the back of his head, as he bounced her quickly, her dripping pussy sliding up and down his shaft. Her lips locked onto his, their heaving breathing interchanging. 

‘Oh, faster!’ She begged.

He obliged, she felt his muscles, firm and tense begin to harden more as her grabbed her tight and thrust her. He walked her forwards, bouncing her she felt her bottom land on a soft but cold cushion. He gripped the back of her hair with his left hand and the small of her back with his right and he quickly drove himself into her. She spread her legs wide in the air as she balanced on the tall stool. With each thrust he gave the stool felt like it was to fall over or break. Her heart skipped a beat each time it’s legs left the floor. Her bosom began to shake and bounce freely as he shook her entire body.

‘Oh, I’m..I’m..’ She cried.

Jennifer was overwhelmed with sensation as he thrust himself into her, she gripped him hard and came, the sound of her voice echoing around the room. She felt him cum inside her for a second time. 

She felt his cock withdraw and a warmth began to cover parts of her as her shot the remnants of his pleasure onto her chest and below. They rested for a few minutes trying to catch their breath. Jennifer closed her eyes as she rested her chin on his muscular shoulder. She awoke from a short nap and stared at her clock until it came into focus, it was now 7am.

‘I need to get ready for school,’ Jennifer whispered in his ear. 

‘I wish you didn’t have to go,’ He mumbled.

She tried to stifle a laugh but couldn’t.

‘You don’t think I wish I didn’t have to go this stupid school?’ She snorted, ‘I’m thirty six!’

‘So..don’t go then.’ He pleaded.

Jennifer jumped down off the stool and turned her body to show her butt to him.

‘Do you like this ass?’ she asked, looking over her shoulder at him seductively.

‘Oh hell yes.’ He replied, his large cock stiffening.

‘Well so do I,’ she replied walking towards her walk in shower, ‘which is why I don’t want to see it red again.’

She stepped into the shower and closed the door after blowing him a kiss. She turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature to her preference instead of Olivia’s annoyingly cold one. Once it was ready she stepped under and washed the sweat and love away from her body. She felt so exhausted she wished she could sit down. She heard the door open and a body connect with his from behind. 

‘What are you doing Jake?’ Jennifer asked, eyes closed shielded from the water pouring onto her face.

‘What does it look like?’ Jake asked, reaching around. Her eyes shot open as his fingers found her button. 

An excerpt from Jake's Fantasy Land.

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The Graham Family Chapter 2 - Eliza's First Day


Naomi Watts - 46

Janine Lindemulder - 46

Eliza Coupe - 34

2 - Eliza

That morning they were walked to school by the eldest girls of the Heather Graham family, Sarah Chalke and Tara Reid, before they themselves left for school under instructions from Heather. Elizabeth was outraged and insistent she was old enough to walk on her own but her protests were cut short from the fear of a red bottom. Eliza Coupe could still feel the sting of her own. Nicky Whelan, Elizabeth Banks and Eliza were all put into the same year group and Kerry Bishe was on her own in a younger one.

The three girls found their own small section in the crowded grounds of the old school. They looked around at some faces they recognised and some that they didn't. Elizabeth pointed out some of the really A-List celebrities that were around her and giggled.

When the large clock hanging just above the main doors ticked eight o'clock an older looking woman came outside ringing a large bell. She was quite tall, slender and black with long black hair. Elizabeth didn't recognise her either but Nicky leaned in and whispered in her ear that it was 'Jessica Pearson' from Suits, the TV show. Eliza had never seen it and Nicky didn't know her real name.

'Jessica' took a deep breath elevated above them by the steps leading up to the schools doors. A ripple of murmurs erupted among the crowd of girls below. She looked out at them with a frightening glare until they fell silent. Satisfied she gazed down at the clipboard in her hands and read out a list of names.

Eliza's name was called along with Nicky and Elizabeth and a few others she recognised. They were instructed to follow a smaller blonde lady stood just to the side of 'Jessica' that Nicky instantly recognised.

'Oh that's a fellow Aussie lass!' She whispered as they proceeded forward. 'It's Naomi Watts.'

'What's she like?' Eliza whispered quickly before they approached the congregated women at the door in a forming queue.

'I met her once, she's nice.'

Calmly and quietly they shuffled in through the large double doors at the front of the school, in single file they marched down the corridor into a large hall. The hall was quite barren but for a few benches, the rest was just wooden flooring. Naomi veered to the left side of the hall, on each side there were three doors spaced evenly apart, Naomi opened the third and furthest away. The walls next to the doors were mostly large glass windows with blinds on the either side blocking anyone's view.

As they entered the room Naomi instructed they were going to be seated where she told them, by consulting a piece of paper she held in her hand. Directly through the classroom door sat a very large oak desk with a large chair and a blackboard on the wall behind it to the left. To the right spread out evenly were twelve individual much smaller desks with chairs placed behind them positioned in two horizontal rows of six. Elizabeth was positioned at the back of the room to the left, sat directly next to the window. Nikki sat in the desk in front of her, she turned around giving her a nervous look but didn't dare keep it for long and spun back around. To her right was a girl that she didn't know but later would discover to be Anna Kournikova. She glanced around and saw Elizabeth was sat at the other end of the room on the same back row.

When they were all settled down, Naomi began her introductions. She explained what they were going to be studying that year, this would be their regular classroom and the importance of it all. Eliza, never much of a great student, zoned out after a few minutes and started watching the other classes entering the hall through a crack in the closed blinds. Eliza didn't really understand what was going on anymore. She had memories of being a successful actress but they were blurry and vague. She was getting a strong case of de ja vu, like she had done all this schooling before but she couldn't really remember it. She stared out of the window and caught her own reflection looking back and everytime she saw it, it confused her. Why did she look like a girl in her mid thirties but feel like a teenager? Looking around with a puzzled expression she saw everyone else as women in their mid thirties. Deep in thought she started to dream of a time when she was on a tv show, it was backstage and she was stood chatting with her co-stars. Kerry Bishe her new house sister was there along with Sarah, they were laughing at something funny that Zach Braff had said during filming.

Suddenly she snapped out of her trance. Eliza glanced round and saw the rest of the girls in the room lifting their table tops that were hinged at the rear. They started pulling out a textbooks, notepads and stationary from the belly of their desk and placing them on top. Eliza copied them.

'....and if you'll open them to page three, I'd like you to read through the text up until page five and then we will discuss what we have learnt afterwards.'

Eliza looked down at the old Maths textbook and released a loud sigh that caught a few glances from around the room.

'Is there a problem Miss?' Naomi asked walking across the room.

Eliza's first instinct was to say 'no' and do her work but she paused for a moment. There was an air of silence as Naomi took the path down the lane of desks on the far left towards Eliza. She folded her arms while leaning back in her chair defiantly. Staring at the small blonde woman approaching her, she began to question her blind obedience. Why was she doing what this woman said? She wasn't much bigger than her, she didn't look very intimidating at all. She was nothing like Heather at home who Eliza actually feared.

'Erm..yes actually there is,' Eliza replied quietly.

'Well what seems to be there matter?' Naomi asked leaning towards her with her hands on the desk.

'I don't see why I need to do this work.' Elizabeth mumbled looking down.

'What was that young lady? I can't hear you when you mumble.'

Eliza raised her stare directly to meet Naomi's angry face and in the uncomfortable tension, repeated the same words.

Naomi, bent forward at the waist with a stern look on her face, turning a shade of red.

'Now listen here young lady, I have told you the importance of what we are doing here. You will do as you are told or you will be punished. Am I understood?' Naomi asked thrusting her index finger into her personal space.
Eliza said nothing for a moment, a pondering look on her face while the girls surrounding them whispered excitedly from their chairs. Eliza smiled and slowly unlocked her folded arms, raising her right forearm, presenting Naomi the back of a closed fist.

The room gasped as she extended her middle finger.

'Up you get.' Naomi quickly snapped.

Eliza stayed in her seat.

'Come on, get to your feet, pull down your underwear, lift your skirt and bend over your desk young lady.'

'No!' Eliza yelled. 'You crazy bitch.'

By now the entire class was watching in awe of her courage, Eliza was red in the face. Naomi marched to the far end of the class around to the other side of her desk. For a moment Eliza thought she might have won. She watched as Naomi reached under desk and then sat down in silence.

'Everyone else, get on with your work.' She barked in frustration.

Some of the girls like Anna to her right obeyed her but some, like Nikki decided to wait and see what happened. There was movement outside of the window to her left that caught Elizas eye, she swung her head and saw a woman marching quickly towards their classroom from the other side of the hall.

There was a knock on the door.

'Please come in,' Naomi shouted.

The door opened and a tall woman of intimidating physique entered the room. She had long mucky blonde hair and clad in light denim Jeans a white blouse. Eliza thought she recognised her at first but couldn't place her. She walked with a commanding presence, Eliza held her breath.

'Is everything OK Mrs Watts?' She asked entering the room.

Naomi rose from her seat to stand next to her and she paled in significance. This woman looked like she could snap Naomi with her bare hands and Eliza watched as she timidly approached her.

'No, there's a naughty young lady at the back who refuses to do her work and she won't accept my discipline.' Eliza dreaded every word that she spoke trying to find an argument. 'And then she gave me the finger and called me a bitch.'

'I see,' the stern lady replied through gritted teeth, 'well that didn't take long but I guess sooner is better than later, which one is it.'

'It's the girl on the back row to the right next to the window.' Eliza's heart stopped beating when the giant woman pointed at her. 'Yes, that one.'

Eliza shrunk into a tiny being beneath her desk and the terrifying woman reached her. She felt a strong grip latch on to her bicep, pulling her up to her feet causing, toppling her chair backwards. The grip tightened on her as she was dragged from her area towards the front of the class. Eliza felt no choice but to walk closely behind this scary woman as she passed Nikki's sympathetic stare.

Without so much as a word they left the room and walked across the hall to the room residing directly opposite. She was pushed into the room and jumped as it slammed behind them.

'My name is Mrs Lindemulder,' she began.

Eliza began to shake uncontrollably, her heart was racing, she couldn't remember ever being this terrified before. The teacher pulled out a chair for her and she collapsed in fear. She glanced around the deserted classroom panicking. Eliza tried to adopt a defiant smile but even she wasn't falling for it.

'My job in the school is to collect naughty girls like you and bring you to this room for discipline. When your discipline is over, I'll take your naughty ass back to your classroom if you promise to behave. If you won't make that promise or you misbehave again you will remain in this classroom and I will be your new teacher. But I don't teach Maths, Science and History, I teach obedience. I don't use chalk, I use my hand.'

Eliza listened intently and gulped. Suddenly, she was grabbed her by the ear, she felt a sharp pain. Eliza tried to keep her head close to where she was guided. They rounded the desk and the teacher sat up high on the edge. She reached out and grabbed Eliza by the waist and lifted her up in the air. Eliza felt all the weight leave her as she raised into the air. She landed flat on her stomach across her lap. She hung so high in the air that her legs and arms swung freely she beated her fists against the powerful thighs beneath her and shouted.

'Let me go!'

A swarm of goose pimples covered her thighs as her skirt was lifted up over her back, she shivered as her white cotton panties slid down to her ankles.


Mrs Lindemulder's hand hit her right butt cheek, then her left, then her right and then her left. This continued over and over.


She left about a second in between each time her hand slapped against her sore bottom. Every time it landed, it seemed to feel harder and harder.

'STOP IT!' Eliza squirmed. 'STOP IT RIGHT NOW!'

'You're going to learn obedience.'

Mrs Lindemulder was holding her with her left arm tightly wrapped around her waist, gripping her right arm pinning it to Eliza's stomach. She tried kicking her legs but it didn't seem to help. One after another, the teacher kept raining down slaps to her bare bottom from cheek to cheek.


Eliza soon felt so sore and exhausted she gave up on the fight. Her bottom was stinging so much that she didn't know if she could take any more. She stopped kicking and squirming and shouting and lay in motionless mercy, tears streaming down her face.

After what felt like an hour but a glance at the clock showed only a few minutes. The teacher finally relented and gripped her by the waist. She raised her up in the air from her lap and onto her feet before her. Elizabeth immediately clutched her sore bottom and rubbed.

Mrs Lindemulder grabbed her skirt and unclasped it leaving her naked from the waist down.

'You can have this back at the end of the school day.' She stated bluntly.

Eliza could nothing to stop her while she watched Mrs Lindemulder drop it to the floor.

Springing off the desk she grabbed Eliza by the arm again and quickly led her outside. Eliza became extremely conscious that she was out in the chilly hall with everything from beneath her shirt down to her socks and shoes exposed. She felt so embarrassed as the teacher dragged her reluctantly across the hall and knocked on her classroom door.

'Come in!' Mrs Watts voice called from within.

The teacher opened the door and all the eyes were upon Eliza. She was mortified. She tried to cover her front with her hands but the pull on her arm kept tearing it away. She knew full well that her red bottom was there for everyone to see as the two of them approached Mrs Watt's desk, facing away from all the girls.

'I think that should resolve the issue, we had a good talk about it, isn't that right Eliza?'


'Yes what?' The teacher shouted, smacking her bare red bottom where she stood.

Eliza's knees bent as she tried to suppress the sting from her rear.

'Yes..Mrs Lindemulder,' Elizabeth added as a guess.

'Good girl.'

'Thank you Janine,' Naomi said as the disciplinarian left.

She turned to face Eliza. 'Go and take your seat, you can catch up at break time.'

Eliza walked with her hands overlapped shielding herself from view towards her seat. She felt their eyes inspecting her naked bottom half, she heard their whispered giggles at her bottom. Nikki gave her a look of sympathy as she passed her but Eliza tried to avoid eye contact.

Eliza lowered herself slowly down on to her seat, the sting of her bottom grew as her cheeks touched the hard wood. She tried to lean to one side, avoiding as much contact with her bottom as she could. Eliza was still aware that there were eyes upon her so she kept one hand covering below as she opened her textbook.