Monday, 13 April 2015

Back in business

I've been unable to produce any new fakes for months due to an unfortunate incident with an enraged dog and my laptop but now i'm up and running again, albeit slightly rusty.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fakes From The TV Series Arrow

Laurel Lance spanking Thea Queen

Moira Queen spanking Felicity Smoak and Laurel Lance

Felicity Smoak and Isabel Rochev

Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance spanking Thea Queen

Moira Queen spanking Felicity Smoak

Fakes From The TV Series Game of Thrones

Cersei Lannister spanking Margaery Tyrell

Catelyn Stark spanking Cersei Lannister

Catelyn Stark spanking Talisa Maegyr

Cersei Lannister spanking Sansa Stark

Cersei Lannister spanking Daenerys Targaryen

Cersei Lannister spanking Margaery Tyrell

Cersei Lannister spanking Sansa Stark

Cersei Lannister spanking Daenerys Targaryen

Melisandre spanking Ygritte

Margaery Tyrell

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Parole Officer - Chapter 3

Josh stared down at the beautiful caramel figure and smiled before swinging his strap down across its bottom. The tough skin rippled beneath the leather and it let out a muffled cry from behind the ball gag. Its joints strained against the straps securing it tightly in place to the padded bench.
Josh stepped behind it and placed the tip of the strap next to its inner right knee, slowly sliding it up the thigh. He watched it shiver as he glided it up its leg. As his glare advanced upwards, circular piece of rubber came into sight protruding from its butt hole and beneath it its pussy dripped from neglect. He swung the strap once more and striking across its bottom, a much darker shade than the rest of her body.
‘Oh you needed this so badly didn’t you Aisha, you slut.’
The woman responded with a prolonged moan behind her gag, he stepped to her face and removed it.
‘Yes Sir, please don’t stop.’
Josh placed the gag back in her mouth and smacked her across the bottom three successive times, she shook in her straps rapidly after each one, letting out loud muffled cries.
Josh placed down the device on top of her sore bottom, taking hold of the lining of his football shorts. His erect cock exploded out into the open as he yanked them down and knelt down behind his plaything. He grabbed hold of either side of her stomach and drove his cock deep inside her, sliding his long shaft slid in with ease. He rocked back and driving it further within, she moaned slowly as his thighs slapped against her stinging bottom.
‘Oh you are such a naughty little slut.’
Josh picked up the paddle balancing on her bubbly burgundy bottom and struck her firmly across her right cheek as he thrust himself deep inside her. He concentrated on delivering alternate smacks to her bottom after every thrust of his hips. Pain for every pleasure he gave her. Fully in the moment, he placed down the paddle and grabbed hold of her bottom, feeling himself closer and closer to climaxing, he increased his pace, until he was ready to explode.
A knock on the door disturbed him.
‘For fucks sake.’
‘Mmmmph’ She complained as he pulled out his cock.
‘Shut up slut.’
Josh got up and pulled on his shorts, disguising his erection by tucking it into his waistband and pulling a t shirt on to cover it. He came out of his bedroom closing the door behind him. He walked over to his apartment door and peered through the hole.
‘You’re late!’ Josh shouted opening the door furiously.
‘Yeah, what you gonna do.’
‘What do you mean? You’re two hours late to your first parole meeting.’
Josh stared furiously at the inconceivable teenager stood before him. The nineteen year old brunette was something Josh had never even seen before him. How could she have the audacity to turn up two hours late to a meeting dressed in light blue shorts and a white bra-less tank top. He looked at her stood hip cocked with her arms on either side staring a hole through him. This girl had an attitude problem, Josh hadn’t had time to read her file but whatever the reason for it was, he knew exactly how to solve it.
‘I mean, big whoop, doesn’t matter, let’s get this over with.’ She sighed, barging past him into his flat.
Josh closed the door in an elongated manner, trying to replay what had just happened. He composed himself and turned round to see her naked from the waist up, with a cheeky smile on her face.
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Josh asked, staring at her large breasts partially covered by her long dangling hair.
‘I know how this works, I do something for you and you do something for me. Now come and sit down over here and let me blow your mind.’
Josh didn’t hesitate.
‘That’s it, now let me pull these down.’ She whispered sexily, Josh fell back bottomless and took of his shirt.
He laid back and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of her mouth enclosed around his cock. Her hand gripped around the base of his shaft, he looked down as she slid her tongue up, down and around his cock. Tugging on it slightly, she flicked her tongue around his head so he gripped the armrests of his leather chair.
Josh knew he had to deal with this girl but she gave an amazing blow job, he couldn’t stop her and he never turned down a blow job from a hot girl.
His muscles tensed uncontrollably as her lips devoured his entire shaft, wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. As she slowly slid them back up to the tip, she started tugging rapidly on his cock as it came into view, before moving her hand and quickly dropping her lips down to the base.
Josh leaned forward and grabbed her hair, she looked up at him, her eyes staring right into his as she raised her lips up his cock again. She took him in her hand and tugged roughly, while flicking her tongue around his tip. He shuffled in his seat, his hips involuntarily thrusting forward, he shoved his cock deeper into her mouth and leaned back, shooting his load into her mouth. She pushed him away somewhat, and the last of his cum squirted onto her face and tits.
‘You bastard, you could of warned me.’
Josh didn’t reply, he tried to catch his breath. He smiled to himself at the sight of her knelt before him, his cum covering her tits and face. She did not look happy. She was about to be even angrier.
‘Fuck, I hate the taste of cum. Eurrghh.’ She spat it out on the floor.
Josh stood up instantly and grabbed her arm, lifting her to her feet.
‘Get off me.’
He walked her over to his dining area and grabbed a chair, spinning it round.
‘Hey get the fuck off me.’
Josh sat down and pulled her struggling body down over his knee.
‘What the fuck, don’t you dare, I swear to God, if you even dare!’
Josh pulled down her shorts and thong and smacked her bottom as hard as he could. She shot her arm back to block another but he grabbed it with his left hand and pinned it to her back. He smacked her bottom again and again.
‘AAHH get the hell off me! What do you think you’re doing!?’ She roared as he tanned her backside.
‘Not only.. [SMACK] do you turn up late [SMACK SMACK] you turn up [SMACK SMACK SMACK] inappropriately dressed [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] and try to bribe me [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] with sexual [SMACK SMACK] favors [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] and then [SMACK SMACK] you have the fucking cheek [SMACK SMACK SMACK] to [SMACK] fucking [SMACK] spit [SMACK] on [SMACK] my [SMACK] new [SMACK] fucking [SMACK] carpet [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK].

‘Oh my god, you are soooo going to pay for this!’ She shrieked.

‘When your attitude stops, i’ll stop.’

‘Go jump off a fucking bridge you asshole!’

‘This is going to be a long painful day for you.’

Josh proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes smacking her bottom as hard as he could until it was as close to resembling a ripe tomato as he could possibly manage. By this point, the girl who’s name he couldn’t remember had stopped shouting at him and had been reduced to tears. Feeling completely out of breath and arm that felt like it drop off at any moment, he decided to deliver once last smack.

He laid back and rested, waiting to see what she would do but nothing happened, she lay motionless across his knee.

‘Good girl.’

Still nothing.

‘I think I had better explain to you how this actually works,’ Josh sighed, ‘if you fail to meet the rules that I lay out for you, you will take a trip over my knee.’

She sniffed.

‘But..’ he raised her up so she was sat on his left knee, her back laid against his chest and her head tilted to the left of his. ‘if you you behave yourself and do what I ask, then you will be rewarded.’

His hand slid down between her legs and he slowly rubbed her pussy with his two fingers. She moaned in his left ear and buried her face in his neck as he slid his fingers up and down her dripping slit and pushing them inside of her. He thrust his fingers deep, shaking them within her, her hips bucked. He knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in, he could feel her heavy breath on his neck. He pushed his fingers deeper and shook them rapidly inside her pussy, she spasmed violently on his knee as she climaxed. He pulled out his fingers and picked her up, carrying her to the couch. He placed her down, her eyes were closed. He laid her on her side so her bottom wouldn’t sting as much when she woke.
Josh locked his bedroom door behind him and walked back to the gorgeous black judge he had tied to his gym bench. He looked at her, laid motionless, helpless with a butt plug sticking out of her sore red bottom.

‘Now..where were we?’

She jumped as he picked up the strap.