Thursday, 29 March 2018

The New Shop - A Fantasy Land Story

Kaley and Melissa wandered into the new store in their favourite of the two malls on offer. Though it was the grand opening, there were very few clothes available to browse through but neither of them had any money.

They sat down, quite underwhelmed by it. They had been told to wait there by their house mother, Kristin Bauer van Straten. She had grown tired of there complaining and decided she and Anna Paquin could finish shopping quicker without them. Though really she shouldn’t let them walk off unescorted by an adult, they were only in the adjacent store. Melissa was half way through a story when Kaley noticed it. Immediately her eyes fixed on two beautiful dresses hanging over mannequins in the centre of the store.
‘Wow,’ said Kaley. ‘These are amazing.
‘They really are.’
‘I wonder how much they are.’
‘Does it matter, neither of us get any allowance anyway, and you know Kristin won’t buy it for us, we’re in her bad books.’
‘You’re right I guess, but still, I’m curious.’
She rummaged around looking for a price tag but there didn’t appear to be one.
‘I wonder where the owner is,’ Melissa said.
Kaley looked around for a moment. Suddenly she grabbed the dress and hurried towards the changing room. Melissa shouted after her, ‘hey! What are you doing?’
‘What does it look like?’ She replied and disappeared behind the door.
Melissa hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the dress. ‘You always get me in trouble,’ she muttered, as she closed the changing room door.
A few minutes later, they met out in on the shop floor. They both felt envious of each others dresses, but also knew they looked damn good in the ones they had on.
Kaley admired herself in the mirror. 
She didn’t consider herself a vain or shallow person but all the same appearance, especially her own was important to her. She valued intelligence, though didn’t possess a great deal herself, and admired women who achieved great things without their bodies, but all the same, why can’t you look good too. She needed these moments more and more in the new world, she lacked the freedom she once took for granted. She wished she hadn’t gone so wild when they first moved here, maybe it would be different. Maybe her friend would still be alive.
‘We should change back,’ Melissa said. ‘The owner must be back soon, who leaves a store unattended?’But Kaley wasn't listening.

‘What is going on here?’ they both jumped and turned around. Standing in the doorway was a woman they both recognised to be Jennifer Aniston. Both girls could only stand in shock waiting for Jennifer to speak again.

‘What do you think you’re doing?’
They looked at each other for answers but found nothing, they turned back at her, mouths gaping.
‘Those dresses were specially designed by request! Oh my God! They’re being picked up soon, if you girls have ruined them...’
‘No!’ Kaley said. ‘They’re fine!’
‘Who told you you could put them on? Where is your mother?’
‘She’s next door,’ Melissa said quietly.
‘And she left you in here unsupervised?’
‘She told us to wait here for her.’
‘I see…and did she tell you you can try on my designer hand made dresses?’
‘No, ma’am.,’ Kaley said. ‘She told us to sit in here and behave.’
‘And you thought you’d just do whatever you want because I wasn’t here, well girls, you know what’s coming. ‘
Jennifer marched towards them rolling up her imaginary sleeves. They stepped backwards as she drew nearer. She grabbed Kaley by the ear.
She dragged her across the room to a table counter, with high chair surrounding it. ‘I’m going to assume this was your idea, so you can go first.’
Kaley was too scared to move as her dress was unzipped. She felt a breeze on her breasts as Jennifer yanked down the top of her dress. She covered herself from Melissa’s eyes. The dress was pulled down to the floor, along with her panties. She dropped a hand down instantly to cover herself below. Melissa caught sight for a moment of her neatly trimmed blonde bristles. Up until that moment, she had never thought of Kaley in that way, but now, she was wet. As Kaley stared at her, bemused she suddenly realised she was grinning. She stopped.
Jennifer hopped up onto the stool, it was about waist height. When Kaley was pulled kicking and struggling over Jennifer’s knee her hands and feet were a few metres from the floor. She hung helplessly.
It seemed like a lifetime before the first one and when it landed on her right cheek Kaley had already had enough. Though she was a very pretty, and at times feminine, Kaley was very much like the character she once portrayed in a popular TV show called The Big Bang Theory. Penny. She was prone to violence if called upon, having punched her fair share of men before, for many reasons, mostly justified. After she was rescued from the plagued lands and brought to this place, and the awful drinking incident occurred, she received her first ever spanking. It came as quite a shock, she fought it like hell, and wound up making it ten times worse. She had been spanked another one hundred and thirteen times since in the past three years and still fought. She couldn’t help it.
‘Get off me!’
She kicked and screamed as Jennifer’s hand connected repeatedly on alternate cheeks. The sting was immense. She thrust her right arm back and tried to shield her bottom from the blows, guessing each cheek. Jennifer pinned her arm back up against her back. Nothing could stop her now. She glanced at the clock every now and then, hoping it would be over soon. A minute went by and she cried quietly and endured the rest of her spanking.
Melissa placed a hand beneath the purse that sat on her lap, and rubbed her self.
Kaley tried to supress her cries but she couldn’t after a while a few slipped out when Jennifer hit her surprisingly harder. Then when Jennifer consistently hit her harder, she began to cry aloud.
‘Oh my god! Please stop.’
She continued spanking her but spoke. ‘All week I’ve been working on that dress, it’s the first order I’ve had. And you come in here, without any thought whatsoever and just put it on. It’s not that kind of store.’
‘I [SMACK] didn’t [SMACK] know! [SMACK] [SMACK] [SMACK]
Jennifer could see her bottom was turning from light to dark pink and decided to give her closing argument.
‘Can [SMACK] you [SMACK] not [SMACK] read?’
‘Of course, I can, OW! Read!’
‘Well,’ she said and stopped spanking her. She rested her elbows on her back and nodded at the door. ‘What does that sign say?’
‘I can’t see, my eyes are too watery.’
‘Melissa read it for Kaley please.’
‘It says, designer clothes made to fit, pre order only.’
‘Yes. It does. [SMACK] [SMACK] [SMACK] [SMACK] [SMACK] So the next time you visit my shop what aren’t you going to do Kaley?’
‘Try clothes on,’ she cried. The spanking was relentless, she thought it would never end. She looked at the clock again and couldn’t believe only just over two minutes had gone. It felt like hours.
Finally Jennifer stopped. She stopped to admire her work. Her bottom was dark pink virtually all over. She pushed her gently off her knee’s and Kaley landed on her two feet. She sat with her legs open slightly, with Kaley facing her rubbing her bottom. Kaley fought the urge to punch her, she fought it hard.
‘Now, I think you owe me an apology.’
‘I’m sorry Jennifer.’
‘Ow!’ Kaley yelped as Jennifer reached around and hit her bottom.
‘That’s Mrs Aniston to you.’
‘Sorry Mrs Aniston.’
‘Don’t tell me, show me.’
She parted her legs further and pulled her dress to the side where it exposed her leg, Kaley was surprised to see she wore nothing underneath. She was no stranger to going down on older women, Kristin seemed to be perpetually horny and called on Kaley at least once a week. Fully resisting the urge to fight back from the sting on her bottom, she decided not to delay the matter and leant forward, burying her tongue into her snatch. She rested her chin on the stool and placed her hands of both of Jennifer thighs. It occurred to her that Melissa had a free view of her butt, though there wasn’t much she could do about it. She remembered that grin on Melissa’s face, what was that about? Was she enjoying her friend being hurt?
Her tongue pushed inside her as Jennifer’s hand forced her head into her pussy. She let out a loud moan. Kaley had become quite good at oral sex. She realised that the worse she was the longer the process would take, so she practiced on Lauren Bowles, one of the older girls she lived with. Not many girls would see the logic in giving more head to give less, but it made sense to Kaley. Jennifer began to climax in a shorter time than the spanking. Her screams must have been audible outside the shop, which brought to Kaley’s mind something she hadn’t even thought of, the shop windows.
Slowly she turned her head to right and was mortified to see a small gathering of older girls stood watching outside in their school uniforms, Kaley recognised most of them but knew only one by name, Cameron Diaz. They giggled when they caught her stare.
She pushed her head back against Jennifer’s hand but it kept her in place until her elongated moan came to a slow halt. She closed her mouth to avoid the tidal gush.
She jolted back when Jennifer released her, and Melissa reluctantly removed her hand from her soaking pussy. She was sad when Kaley’s asshole turned away from her, she had been staring at it non-stop, unsure why it was so appealing to her. She wasn’t a lesbian but she sure was horny. Before the plague, Melissa had been on a dry spell, she remembered moaning to Kaley one morning over coffee, that it had been over a year since she had had sex. Well now it four years. But that didn’t explain why she had been so transfixed by her other hole. It had looked so tight, which surprised her, she thought Kaley was the sort of girl who would be into that sort of thing. She slept around a lot, it just seemed obvious and yet, so teasingly tight. But Melissa was a Christian girl, so she shook away her impure thoughts.
Jennifer jumped from the stool after she had regained her composure. She grabbed Kaley by the arm and marched her to the back wall. Kaley’s hands were placed crossed behind her hand, elbows pointing out at either side. Her legs were parted slightly. She stood, painfully aware the window shoppers had a direct view of her painted bottom.
Melissa saw Jennifer approaching her and panicked but remained motionless. Jennifer removed Melissa’s bag to pick her up and she noticed a damp patch on her crotch.
‘Look at that!’
Melissa looked down and gulped.
‘You naughty girl!’
Jennifer grabbed her by the ear, she quickly jumped up to avoid the pain. Within seconds her breasts were exposed and then she was naked. Kaley stole a glance occasionally, only for a split second the first few times, she didn’t want to risk another spanking. That was the worst she’d ever had since living here. But when she saw Melissa’s large breasts for the first time, she lingered.
Melissa tried to cover herself, turning away from the growing crowd outside. She caught Kaley staring at her breasts. She moved her hand away and smiled, Kaley smiled back.
Melissa was suddenly snapped back into reality. A firm hand struck her across the middle of her bottom. She skipped forward a step but was prevented from going any further by a vice like grip on her left arm.
‘Ow!’ [SMACK]
She jolted forward again.
Jennifer pivoted around in a circle as Melissa stepped forward each time her hand struck her bottom.
The smacks were much slower than Kaley’s but twice as hard. Melissa found she was usually hit harder and for much longer because she was older than Kaley, for some reason that mattered to the women in charge. It wasn’t the pain that bothered her the most, it was the humiliation. Her left arm was firmly gripped at her side by Jennifer, her right hand couldn’t decide whether to cover her breasts her between her legs, not to mention the urge to rub her increasingly sore bottom. When she faced the window, she chose to cover her pussy. She hated them seeing her bare breasts but there was nothing she could do. As she circled around to face Kaley, she rubbed her bottom, allowing Kaley a view she longed to see.
Kaley bit her lip and twisted back around before Jennifer would see her. It was only a fraction of a second that she got to see but, it was stuck in her mind now. Why was she feeling like this?
Round and round she went, she was even starting to feel a bit dizzy. When suddenly, Jennifer stopped pivoting and the smacks came hard and fast.
The sting became so intense that Melissa started to scream uncontrollably. Jennifer winced at the pitch, she didn’t know people could make such sounds but it didn’t stop her.
Melissa had no choice but to move her hand away from her pussy and protect her bottom. She felt so humiliated, bared in front of a large crowd of laughing onlookers. Jennifer shouted at her for blocking her hand, and she hooked both her arms behind her back and resumed. Melissa began to wail, tears filled her eyes. She didn’t think she could take anymore but she did, she had no choice.
Jennifer deliver her last smack to a now very red bottom. It had certainly been harder than Kaley’s but then she had wet the dress. She pulled her over the settee and sat down, spreading her legs once more.
‘Apologise,’ she said.
Melissa dropped down to her knees and placed her head between her thighs, glad at least that she was hidden from view from crowd. Melissa hated giving head. She had never liked blowjobs in the old world for the same reason, she couldn’t get the idea of what else that body part was used for out of her mind. It didn’t help matters either that she seemed to be the worst at it, even when she tried her hardest she rarely got a reaction. At first she thought being bad at it would make her have to do it less, maybe they’d pick someone else. She was wrong. Kristin always picked her.
It was obvious Jennifer wasn’t enjoying it. She started bucking her hips, thrusting her pussy back and forth, trying to fuck her face. Melissa struggled to breath as her pussy rubbed up and down her face. She pushed against her and Jennifer let go. She fell backwards.
Melissa gasped for air as Jennifer pulled her to her feet. She felt despair as she struck her bottom once more.
‘No, please, no more!’
‘Get to the wall,’ Jennifer barked.
Her bottom felt a sharp sting five more times until she reached the wall, her hands were positioned as Kaley’s were. Then Jennifer left the shop without saying a word.

Friday, 1 September 2017

A few fakes

A few fakes because I finally found some spare time. Some are from an English TV Programme I used to watch. A terrible programme but rich in attractive women, young and old. Which is useful for me, as you may have noticed, I like f/f spanking, mother daughter fantasy the best. But anyone who looks for fakes wants familiarity so, this is a pretty niche one.

Courtney Cox spanking Jennifer Aniston (Friends)

Courtney Cox spanking Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs)

Sarah Jane Buckley spanking Zoe Lister (Hollyoaks)

Suzanne Hall spanking Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks)

Suzanne Hall spanking Loui Batley (Hollyoaks)

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Just a few...

Connie Britton spanking Adriane Palacki

Friday Night Lights

Jessalyn Gilsig spanking Dianna Agron


Julie Bowen spanking Ariel Winter

Modern Family

Monday, 26 June 2017

The Hotel Part - 3

Giovanni Zola was practically royalty in the hotel. He could do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted to whomever he wanted. On the politician’s arrival to the bar, he demanded that Grace, the young redhead receptionist clear the area of anyone he didn’t like. Mostly it was males.
He was late in his years, celebrating his seventy third birthday in the hotel. Though he may have been old, some handsome features survived. He had taken to living more luxuriously, knowing that his time was limited.
He seated himself in a booth accompanied by his stern faced body guard who never leaves his side. She was armed, three guns, one on her leg, one on her hip and on in a holster under her blouse. His daughter was not present though he was assured she was safe in the hotel. He was aware of its underground services. Also seated beside him to his left, was a young eighteen year old girl he recently purchased from the hotel. He had no idea where she came from, though he knew she wasn’t a guest. She was a petite slender brunette who came well trained and in fresh condition. She knew her place, what she was; his slave. 
She sucked his cock while he drank his whiskey.
‘Will that be all Sir?’ Grace asked.
He shook his head. ‘Take off your clothes and get on the table.’
‘Excuse me Sir?’ she said, sweating.
‘I said, take off your clothes and get on the table.’
‘I’m sorry Sir, I can’t do that. There are women who can do that…’
‘I’m not interested in other women. I want to see your cunt. So get it out.’
‘If I ask again, you’ll regret it.’
Fearing a repeat of that morning, she slipped out of her clothes and climbed onto the table before him.
‘Spread your legs,’ he said.
The table felt cold on bare bottom but it was also quite soothing to the lingering sting. Slowly, she parted her thighs and exposed herself to him and his companion.
‘Voila!’ he said. ‘Isn’t that beautiful?’
His guard nodded. He placed his drink on the table and stroked her furry red stripe.
‘Sir, I…’
He shushed her.  ‘Slave,’ he said.
Sandy stopped sucking his cock and looked up at him. ‘Kiss her.’
She raised her body and sat on his knee. She reached a hand up to touch Grace’s face and then kissed her. Grace was hesitant.
‘Not there,’ he said.
She turned to him. He pointed at the table girl’s pussy.
She hesitated and then shuffled towards her; she buried her face in her fiery snatch. Grace gasped.
His cock hung firm neglected and hard.  Realising he didn’t have much option, he grabbed his bodyguard by the head and forced her down, she resisted but eventually he felt her lips and around his cock.
She gave great head. It was why he hired her. Sure she was experienced and qualified but Giovanni would always feel safer if he was protected by a man. When he informed her she was unsuccessful she dropped to her knees and sucked him like he’d never been sucked before. How could he not hire her then? Keeping her around as a pretend bodyguard was worth it when he got to feel that beautiful mouth go to work whenever he felt like it.
He tilted his head back and relaxed, enjoying his bodyguards determination, occasionally glancing down to see his slave was doing as she was told. The little redhead was moaning constantly, in both ways, insistent that she needed to leave, but feeling the pleasure.
A drunken woman at the bar ruined his ambience.
‘Hey…fucking…bar maid,’ she slurred. ‘Bring me a fucking drink…DRINK!’
The drunken brunette was sat on a stool just in front of him at the bar. As she leaned over the bar to look for someone to pour her a drink she clearly didn’t need, he could see up her beautiful gown. She was bare. She slammed her glass down on the bar. ‘Hello?’ She cried. ‘Drink!’
Giovanni was old and old fashioned. The very presence of the unescorted drunken woman offended him but her shameful behaviour enraged him. Without a word he stood up, surprising his bodyguard who was relieved to feel his cock flop out of her mouth.
He pulled down his trousers, and stormed up behind the woman at the bar.
‘Is any of you fuckers here?’ The middle aged woman yelled.
He raised her skirt slightly but she was too drunk to notice she was exposed.
Without a moment’s hesitation he pushed his cock into her butt with anger.
She gasped.
‘Oh my.’
It was clear that it was not her first time but with only the lube of his bodyguards spit it still took a little effort to get his entire cock up her. Once his stomach pressed against her butt he wasted no time in developing a rhythm sliding his cock back and forth inside her. She pushed back against him and placed her hand on the back of his head. The stool rocked quietly on the floor as he thrust into her, picking up the pace.
He grasped both cheeks of her butt in his hands and slammed his cock into her, gaining speed and momentum. His thighs slapped against her butt and her asshole offered no resistance anymore.
‘Slut,’ he shouted. He slapped her right cheek. She moaned softly. ‘Drunken, tramp, slut.’
She glanced back over her shoulder and felt his cold stern eyes piercing her. He grabbed her by the head and turned it forward forcefully.
‘Don’t look at me you whore.’
Yes…sir,’ she moaned.
He slapped her butt repeatedly as he destroyed her butt. By the time it was pink he was ready, and came inside her. He squeezed every drop into her ass and pulled out, leaving her hole gaping and dripping. She collapsed forward onto the bar, he slapped her bare pink ass once more and then returned his table. His bodyguard resisted again but found her lips back around his cock.

‘Make sure that woman is in my room tonight,’ he demanded.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Forgive me, i'm rusty

To anyone who cares, or not, or whomever.

Had a laptop problem for a while so no fakes could be produced, alas, resolved! I'm up and running again. However, immediately found my old friends, Mr. Rust and Mr. Clueless, so they're all terrible and for that I apologise. But, being the sentimental guy I am, i will still post them, and with a bit of practice, maybe a few good ones will come out again in the future.....or i was never great anyway.

Charisma Carpenter VS Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffet the vampire slayer)

Claire Danes (Homeland)

Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory)

Jennifer Lopez VS Eva Mendes (Random)

Evangeline Lilly (Lost)

Katy Perry (Song Artist)

Leslie Ann (17 Again)

Kristin Bauer van Straten VS Deborah Ann Woll

Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Hotel - Part 1 and 2

Chapter 1 - The Receptionist

There would never be another suit like the one he wore; it was one of a kind, just like him. Corey was a man of a multiple expertise. His skills allow him to travel the world in style and comfort. He had the most glorious life, and the looks to go with it. The only thing he might change about himself if pressed might have been his height. He wasn’t particularly small, but he felt that if he was over 6ft instead of just under it, he might have been the perfect specimen.

His thick and lustrous dark brown hair was carefully tousled. His face was strong and defined, his features moulded from granite. Corey was a very handsome man but what set him apart from all the rest, what made him so irresistible to virtually any woman he ever met, was his smile. That was Corey’s secret ingredient. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most beautiful man on the planet, if you don’t wear your smile and own it, you might as well be the elephant man. Confidence is the key.
His travels led him to a brand new hotel on an island just off the South American coast. It was an extremely long journey from his home in Scotland and very expensive but his curiosity commanded he accept his invitation. It came one day, through his letter box. It was a small single piece of card that was decorated in the most extraordinary and splendid manner. Adorned with beautiful colouring and brail like patterns but for all its splendour, it simply read:

 ‘Join us at the Hotel Magnifique, a trip you will never forget.’

The very next day he was on the plane.

He carried only a small suitcase, resting by his side while he queued behind a small group at the hotel front desk. It shouldn’t have taken so long but there was no one to be seen. He checked his IWC Schaffhausen watch and counted the thirty second minute he’d been waiting now. It could have been worse he thought as his eyes floated down to the gigantic pair of cleavages in the queue ahead of him as they turned in conversation.

The blonde spoke first, ‘what is going on, this is ridiculous.’

Corey could see the majority of her body; she wore only a small white tank top that clung to her body and a mini pair of black hot pants. Just looking at her almost gave him an erection. If there was ever an argument that women are sex objects, she was it. Though she clearly worked hard for it, as did her friend, their bodies were extremely tight and toned. He wondered if they were even stronger than he was.

‘I don’t know, surely this can’t be right, where is everyone?’ The brunette replied.

She was of equal size and wore a pair of small denim shorts and a chequered shirt. Though the blonde seemed perky and fun, the brunette seemed to have an air of misery surrounding her.

‘Oh come on,’ huffed the blonde.

‘Oh I hope we don’t end up bumping into Chris Abi, I cannot see him.’

‘Oh don’t think about him Alondra, he’s not worth it, he’s nothing but a cheating scum bag.’

Corey wondered who would be stupid enough to ever cheat on such a magnificently formed woman. What he wouldn’t give to fuck the pair of them. The way it sounded, he might have a good chance with the brunette.

‘Excuse me,’ he said.

They turned to him with surprised expressions. His face bore his charming smile, immediately they felt attracted to him but as they stared into his icy blue eyes, they felt a chill. 

‘Yes?’ Abi said.

‘I can’t help but feel I know you from somewhere,’ he said, staring only at the blonde.

‘Oh…erm yes, you might have seen me on TV, we’re professional wrestlers,’ she replied awkwardly.
His eyes were constantly fixed on her own, she looked at Alondra for assurances that this was quite strange but she was staring at him.

‘That must be it certainly, though I admit I don’t watch wrestling myself, I presume I must have glimpsed you on some occasion and of course, I could never forget such a wonderfully sculpted being.’

Abi gave a brief smile and a nod but said nothing.

‘Well anyway, sorry, I sound odd don’t I. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dawson Saunders and I’m agent, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of me, I don’t wish to brag but the company I am employed with is the second largest in the world. I have an eye for talent, and when I look at you I see a great future in female acting.’

Her eyes began to widen.

‘You see, at the moment, actresses are becoming more and more prominent. No longer are women imprisoned by secondary roles in a male all-star cast. The time for women is ripe and I’m looking for strong, beautiful women who can become a shining torch for young girls all over the world. I would love for you to come and audition so I can see what hidden talent you possess besides your obvious beauty.’

Her jaw dropped, she couldn’t believe it. She looked at her friend who seemed just as dumbstruck but never taking her eyes off him.

‘Here, consider my offer, take my card and give me a call. I shall leave you back to your conversation.’

He handed her a personalised Dawson Saunders business card. If they checked the website they would find a picture of him at the agency. They turned back to each other and whispered too each other, he was no longer able to hear. He stood silently and waited, every now and then they would both turn and try catch a glimpse of him, and he would smile back every time he caught them.
He checked his watch and saw he’d been waiting forty minutes now, he was beginning to think he might come back later but finally a tiny redhead girl appeared behind the desk.

At the front of the queue stood a tall and very slim girl in a beautiful yellow frock. She began to speak to the girl but a loud voice bellowed from behind him. It was a thick accent, Corey recognised her to be German. It was not a subtlety in her appearance, she dressed like the definition of a German stereotype for a fraulein named Hildi. Mostly black, with a red apron attached to the front, and a very low cleavage he was grateful for. It looked similar to a maids outfit, he had never seen one before but he loved it.

The young German blonde barged her way to the front, shouting loudly.

‘Excuse me madam,’ she said. The pretty young girl at the front stepped out of her way and went behind her in the queue.

‘Hey, she can’t just jump in!’ Abi said.

The German turned and gave her a menacing stare, then turned back.

Her thick accent came out once more. ‘I was told our room would be cleaned and prepared every morning while we have breakfast, but we have returned and nothing has been done. What is the meaning of this?’

The desk girl seemed very prickly. ‘Well, I am certain that the maids are currently working their way around the hotel, I assume they have not got to your room yet. If you are patient, I am sure they will get there soon. Thank you, next please.’

‘I am not finished thank you,’ the German said, pushing the nice girl back as she approached. ‘What is your name girl?’

‘My name is Grace,’ she said.

‘Well Grace, I demand a maid be sent to our room at once, this is unacceptable. If you do not do this, I want to speak to your manager, I want to tell her how incompetent you are.’

Grace sighed. ‘Very well, I will send one up now. Is that all I can help you with?’

She did not respond but instead turned and marched out of sight.

The girl in the yellow frock approached the desk once more. She had a gentle voice.

‘Hello Grace, my name is Tessa Hardy,’ she said.

‘Yes I know who you are.’

‘The rest of my band will be arriving shortly; I would like to check into my private room.’
‘I would never have guessed,’ Grace said.

She took her passport and other details but everything she did was aggressive, she slammed things down, threw things spoke to her in a patronising and demeaning manner. Finally she threw the rock star her key.

‘Next,’ Grace said, staring past her.

‘Excuse me. I just have one more question.’

Grace sighed. ‘What is it?’

‘Is there some place myself and the band can store our equipment?’

‘No. Next.’

‘It would be most helpful to us if you could find somewhere to store them.’

‘Yes I imagine it would, but unfortunately we don’t so you will have to find somewhere yourself. Next.’


‘Miss, please vacate the line, as you can see I am busy. Thank you. Next.’

She moved out of the way as the wrestlers approached the desk. She was a very pretty girl, with medium length blonde hair and a very slender body. She had that innocent look about her, the gentle girlfriend. Corey felt very sorry for her as she lingered for a moment, confused and upset. After a few moments she turned and walked away.

At the desk, Corey could hear her talking just as ill-mannered as always but there was minimal fuss. Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, Corey approached the desk. She was cute little thing, she wore a knee length brown skirt and matching button up cardigan with a white blouse. She was very slim, and appeared to be active in her lifestyle by her toned muscles.

She stared deeply at him as he spoke. ‘Good morning Grace, I’m afraid I have some rather bad news for you.’

Grace sighed. ‘What is it now?’

‘I’m sorry to inform you,’ he smiled. ‘But my name is Francis Campbell and I am here to inspect your hotel. Here are my credentials.’

He handed her a badge adorned with the suggested name and his picture. She stared at it silently then handed it back.

‘I’m afraid I must inform you that you have scored the lowest possible score for welcome services.’
She said nothing.

‘I’m afraid that even if the rest of your hotel is amazing, this will in all likelihood cost the hotel a star.’

‘Please, no. I’m sorry, don’t do that.’

‘I’m afraid I must, I have seen all I have to see, I believe you are possible the worst receptionist I have ever seen.’

She jumped out of her chair and dashed around the counter and grabbed hold of his hand.

‘Please, don’t score me so low.’

He stared deep into her eyes, she seemed genuinely terrified.

‘I’m sorry Grace.’

‘There has to be something I can do, some way we can resolve this.’

She thought for a moment and then pulled on his hand, he started to follow her as she led him around the counter and through the door behind. They entered a small office with a desk and chair. She sat him down on the chair and dropped to her knees in front of him. He looked down at her gaze, staring back at him were puppy dog eyes of genuine concern. A part of him felt sorry for her.

‘What are you suggesting?’ he said.

Slowly she unbuckled his belt. He stopped her.

‘And now you are adding bribery and sexual harassment to your list of offences.’

‘Oh please, Sir. Please, I don’t know what to do. Don’t do this please.’

Her eyes filled with tears. She sat back onto the legs and covered her face with her hands.

‘Stand up,’ he said.

She stood.

‘Stand over there in the corner.’

She walked to the corner.

‘Face the wall.’

‘I am going to teach you to behave accordingly in your role,’ he said. He rolled up his sleeves as he got to his feet.

She said nothing and stared at the wall. He marched over to her. He stared at the cute firm bottom beneath the skirt, he couldn’t wait to see it. He pushed himself up to her from behind, no doubt she felt his hardness press up against her behind. In any case, she said nothing. He reached his hands around her waist and unbuttoned her cardigan from the bottom upwards. He dropped it to the floor.
‘Raise your hands.’

She hesitated and then did so. Slowly he raised her tank top up her body over her head. He peered around to see her small perky breasts flop out into the open.  Her hands fell down to them, covering them. She shivered. His hands dropped down to her waist, slowly pulling the zip at the back down. Then he tugged on her waist at either side and slide the skirt down, lifting each leg out of it, then taking off her high heels as he knelt, his face pressed up against her firm buttocks. She wore only a tiny black lace thong and then, in a flash it was down by her ankles. He legs trembled as he ran his hands up and around her legs, to her bottom. Briefly he parted her cheeks to catch a glimpse and he wasn’t disappointed of the view.

Suddenly he shot upwards and grabbed her by the ear, dragging her over to the chair. The pain caused her to stagger behind him and then she fell by his guide over his knee flat on her stomach. Her legs and arms hung helplessly in the air. It occurred to her what was about to happen.
‘Oh God,’ she said.

His hand struck her right cheek. She yelped, flinging her legs and arms up in the air. He struck her left cheek. She kicked and cried. Another landed, then another, again and again, smack after smack. She wriggled on his lap, struggling beneath his grasp. The pain was intense, it was a sharp sting when his hand first connected and then until the next one it left a burning pain. She tried to fend him off with her right hand but he pinned it against her back. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes pleaded with him. He smiled back.

‘Please!’ She cried. ‘I’ll be good Francis I swear.’

‘You may call me Sir.’

‘Please Sir!’

WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK he responded. He kept his eyes fixed on her tight little bottom as he painted it in pink. His cock was rock hard no doubt she felt it. He felt no shame she herself was soaking his crotch.

Outside the office, he could hear the bell ringing. He ignored it and carried on spanking her.
‘You are going to start treating people with respect,’ he shouted over the sound of his hand.

‘Yes Sir. Absolutely. Ow! Ow!’

‘And you are going to apologise to Tessa and offer her something as a token of your sincere regret.’

‘Yes Sir, yes sir!’

‘And you are going to find somewhere to store her bands equipment.’

‘But there isn’t..OW OW OW!’She cried.

‘And you are going to find somewhere to store her bands equipment,’ he repeated.

‘Yes sir!’

‘Good,’ he said. He pushed her naked body off her his knees. She dropped to the floor and rubbed her bottom furiously. She stared at him, he could tell she had a burning desire to fuck him but he would not be giving her the pleasure, not yet at least.

‘Now, I will take that blowjob, and you had best be quick about there’s a customer outside.’

Chapter 2 – The Butler

He was a heavyset man. He had to be for his line of work. It was a tough job, but one he enjoyed. It certainly had its perks. One of them wasn’t the uniform. For some strange reason to him, he was required to wear a black tuxedo. It didn’t really suit him in his opinion, he was too rough, too tough looking to pull it off. It was something that Scottish ponce could probably wear, one of the new guests. It was his job to know these things, whenever any new guests arrived. Especially women but it was always useful to know what men were here too.

A voice spoke to him through his ear piece, ‘room 321 has only one guest at breakfast.’

It was a woman’s voice, Maryam, the hotel cook and his partner.

‘Righto,’ he said.

He took a few bites of his toast and downed his orange juice then walked out of his private room. He walked briskly across the hotel, nodding curtly at any passing guests. They were never bothered by him, he tried to be invisible, a hard feat for such a large man but not impossible. Their wealth made it easier for him, most of them would rather pretend he wasn’t there.

He stepped into the elevator as the three sisters stepped out. He was looking forward to his engagement with one of them but that was for later. He rode the lift in solitude up to the third floor. Stepping out of the lift, he looked around and saw the floor was clear. The Butler walked briskly across to room 321, knowing exactly which one it was. He knocked very lightly on the door and waited.

No answer.

He grabbed a key card out of his back pocket and slid it into the door lock. It flashed green. Very quietly he opened the door, taking every care not to make a sound. The closing thud was unavoidable, but silent enough. He crept into the main room and saw a body buried beneath the sheets on right hand side bed. He reached into his pocket and took out a small glass bottle and a handkerchief. It gave off a very strong odour, he took care not to breath any in as he wet the cloth.

Her body remained motionless as he gently covered face with the cloth. After a few seconds he let go, and then pulled the sheets from her body. She was a beautiful brunette, with large breasts. She was slightly bigger than most women but certainly not fat, more muscular which was expected to say she was a wrestler.

He stared down at her naked body, she lay twisted her back flat down but her legs on their side. He slapped her firm bottom hard and squeezed.

‘Nice ass,’ he said.

He felt her breasts, squeezing them.

‘Good tits,’ he said. ‘Surprisingly real.’

Quickly he placed a finger inside her pussy. ‘Not too tight at the front.’

He stuck it in her round the back. ‘Tight-ish at the back, definitely had it before though.’

He parted her legs, laying her straight on her back. Then he positioned himself at the foot of the bed, pulling out his phone. He began to take various pictures of her, ending with her laid on her front with her bottom in the air, making sure to get a nice snap of her asshole.

He wanted desperately to mount her and fuck her but he couldn’t spoil the merchandise. He didn’t get this job by being careless. Instead, he flipped her over on her front and took off his pants, his big dick already poised. He sat on top of her stomach and pushed her tits together around his dick, then thrust himself back and forth.

He didn’t have the luxury of time so he came quickly onto her face. Wishing he could leave it, he forced himself to wipe away his cum with some tissues and then crept out of the room after dressing.

The voice called again in his ear as he moved down the hall. ‘321 is returning.’

‘No problemo, already moving.’

‘451 main target is on the move. Unable to clarify destination or purpose.’

He felt a tingle up his spine. ‘Please advise targets route from dining hall.’

‘Target has taken main exit, looks to be heading for a smoke.’

‘Affirmative,’ he smiled.

He sprinted down the hall and jumped into the empty elevator, taking it to the ground floor. Around the guests he limited himself to a brisk walk across the reception. He saw Grace behind the desk, she seemed to be acting strange, cheerful and friendly. He didn’t know why, but it didn’t matter, it was too late for her.

He reached the fire exit and yanked it open. The lady outside jumped.

‘Oh my, you scared me.’

She was one of the three sisters he saw earlier in the lift. He thought she seemed the quiet type from what he seen and heard of her. She was also extremely tight, with a great body, he wondered at the time if she might be a virgin despite being just over forty. She must have been intelligent as well, she was a physicist for a university.

‘My apologies,’ he said. ‘I didn’t mean to startle you.’
He closed the fire door behind him and stepped outside. She took a few puffs of her cigarette and succession, while staring at him nervously.

‘Is it wrong to smoke here?’

‘Yes,’ he said. ‘But I won’t tell.’

He smiled. He began to fidget his behind his back, she couldn’t see what he was doing but didn’t think anything of it.

She smiled back. She turned to throw it away. Suddenly he sprung forward and placed the cloth over her face. She struggled and screamed, but he was too strong and the cloth muffled her. After a few short seconds, she passed out.

He gently let her fall to the floor. Her grey cardigan and black skirt were muddied by the dirty floor. Quickly he jumped down the stairs and checked around outside, it wasn’t a totally barren area but not much to hide behind once he left the fire escape. It was deserted for the moment though. He ran back and picked her up, putting her over his shoulder. As quickly as he could, he walked down the stairs and ran across the courtyard round the back of the hotel. He felt certain no one outside had seen him.

He unlocked the door to the staff area, and carried her through. He saw a few members of staff, he said nothing to them and they said nothing to him, only watched. Finally he reached the cellar door and opened it, then carried her downstairs.

Downstairs was huge, it was comprised of the same size of the hotel but it was off limits to most customers. He passed many doors, each with room numbers on. He travelled from room ninety six all the way to room twenty four where he stopped and knocked on the door.

A short, stocky bald man opened the door. He had a haughty and aggressive demeanour.

‘Your order sir,’ the butler said, holding her in is arms.

The man grabbed her from him and slammed the door in his face.

‘You’re welcome,’ he muttered, walking back to the hotel.